21 Best David Guetta Songs

David Guetta has taken the music world by storm with his incredible talent for creating dance and electronic hits. He’s a French DJ who knows just how to get everyone on their feet and dancing to the beat.

What makes David’s music special is the way he mixes different sounds and works with famous singers to make songs that stick in your head. He’s teamed up with big stars like Sia and Nicki Minaj, making tunes we can’t help but love!

1. I’m Good (Blue) – David Guetta, Bebe Rexha

Artist: David Guetta, Bebe Rexha
Track Name: I’m Good (Blue)
Album: I’m Good (Blue)
Release Year: 2022

I’m Good (Blue) is a 2022 upbeat, danceable track by powerhouse duo David Guetta and Bebe Rexha. The song, a modern spin on Eiffel 65’s 1999 hit Blue (Da Ba Dee), combines catchy electronic beats with infectious pop melodies, earning it widespread airplay and chart success.

The song draws inspiration from the feeling of unwavering self-confidence and the celebration of one’s own well-being. Guetta and Rexha channel an empowering message, encouraging listeners to embrace their independence and find strength within themselves.

Since its release, I’m Good (Blue) has left a mark on the music landscape, resonating with audiences around the globe. Its universal theme of self-assurance and joy has garnered praise from fans and critics alike, securing its place as an anthem of positivity in Guetta and Rexha’s collaborative discography.

2. Baby Don’t Hurt Me – David Guetta, Anne-Marie, Coi Leray

Artist: David Guetta, Anne-Marie, Coi Leray
Track Name: Baby Don’t Hurt Me
Album: Baby Don’t Hurt Me
Release Year: 2023

Baby Don’t Hurt Me is a fresh release from the iconic David Guetta, featuring the distinct vocals of Anne-Marie and an electrifying verse by Coi Leray. The track blends Guetta’s signature dance beats with sultry pop hooks, standing out with its catchy chorus and dynamic production.

The song draws from themes of vulnerability and the desire for safe, respectful love, with Anne-Marie and Coi Leray bringing their personal artistry to its heartfelt plea. Its inspiration seems rooted in the universal quest for connection without emotional pain, resonating deeply with listeners.

Upon release, Baby Don’t Hurt Me made a swift impact, celebrated for its vibrant energy and relatable lyrics. Both fans and critics praised its blend of strong vocal performances and Guetta’s masterful production, cementing its status as a crowd favorite destined for replay on playlists and dance floors alike.

3. When We Were Young (The Logical Song) – David Guetta, Kim Petras

Artist: David Guetta, Kim Petras
Track Name: When We Were Young (The Logical Song)
Album: When We Were Young (The Logical Song)
Release Year: 2023

When We Were Young (The Logical Song) by David Guetta, Kim Petras is a fresh track straight out of 2023. Melding nostalgia with modern beats, the song is a unique blend of emotion and electronic dance music.

The inspiration for When We Were Young (The Logical Song) is rooted in the yearning for simpler times and the clarity of youth. David Guetta’s production combined with Kim Petras’s vocals capture the essence of reflection and the universal desire to reconnect with our past selves.

Having resonated with audiences worldwide, When We Were Young (The Logical Song) has left a memorable mark on the musical landscape. The song’s blend of catchy hooks and reflective lyrics has scored widespread acclaim from fans and music critics alike.

4. Sexy Bitch (feat. Akon) – David Guetta, Akon

Artist: David Guetta, Akon
Track Name: Sexy Bitch (feat. Akon)
Album: One More Love
Release Year: 2010

Sexy Bitch by David Guetta, featuring Akon, hit the airwaves in 2009, quickly becoming a dance floor staple. The track fuses Guetta’s pulsating electronic beats with Akon’s smooth R&B vocals, creating a party anthem that’s hard to forget.

The song’s genesis was a collaborative spark between Guetta and Akon, both looking to craft a tune that celebrated female allure without crossing the line of respect. Its infectious groove and catchy lyrics capture the euphoric feeling of being mesmerized by someone’s presence, offering a danceable nod to powerful attraction.

Since its release, Sexy Bitch has etched its name in the pantheon of club hits, resonating with fans for its high energy and playful spirit. Critics praised its blend of genres, while fans embraced its unapologetic celebration of admiration, securing its place as a modern pop classic.

5. Memories (feat. Kid Cudi) – David Guetta, Kid Cudi

Artist: David Guetta, Kid Cudi
Track Name: Memories (feat. Kid Cudi)
Album: One More Love
Release Year: 2010

Memories (feat. Kid Cudi) is a dance-pop track released in 2010 by renowned French DJ David Guetta, featuring American rapper Kid Cudi. The song stands out with its catchy hook, electronic beats, and Cudi’s distinctive rap style, becoming a staple in Guetta’s discography.

The track reflects on the bittersweet nature of memories and the desire to live in the moment. David Guetta and Kid Cudi fuse their talents to craft a song that resonates with listeners and encourages them to cherish their experiences.

Memories has left an indelible mark on the music scene, embraced by both fans and critics for its vibrant energy and universal appeal. The song’s enduring popularity is a testament to Guetta’s ability to create timeless hits and Cudi’s powerful lyrical contribution.

6. Crazy What Love Can Do – David Guetta, Becky Hill, Ella Henderson

Artist: David Guetta, Becky Hill, Ella Henderson
Track Name: Crazy What Love Can Do
Album: Crazy What Love Can Do
Release Year: 2022

Crazy What Love Can Do unites the talents of David Guetta, Becky Hill, and Ella Henderson, bursting onto the scene in 2022. Its upbeat, dance-pop style is tinged with electronic beats typical of Guetta, and the collaboration of powerful vocals from Hill and Henderson make it a standout track.

This anthem is fueled by the transformative power of love, a theme that resonates universally. Crafted from the personal insights of Guetta, Hill, and Henderson, the song acts as a testament to love’s ability to change lives, capturing hearts with its message and melody.

The song has struck a chord with audiences worldwide, solidifying its place in contemporary pop culture. Fans and critics have praised the energetic collaboration, making Crazy What Love Can Do a testament to the enduring influence of love in music.

7. When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) – David Guetta, Kelly Rowland

Artist: David Guetta, Kelly Rowland
Track Name: When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland)
Album: One More Love
Release Year: 2010

When Love Takes Over is a vibrant EDM anthem released in 2010 by David Guetta featuring the sublime vocals of Kelly Rowland. The track combines pulsating beats with a powerful piano riff, showcasing a seamless blend of electronic and soulful elements.

The song’s inspiration is rooted in the euphoria of unexpected romantic emotions, capturing the moment when individuals surrender to the power of love. Its lyrics and energetic melody echo the joy and intensity of these feelings, resonating with listeners worldwide.

Over time, When Love Takes Over has cemented its place as a dance floor classic, adored by fans and praised by critics. The single’s success, including a Grammy nomination, has contributed to David Guetta’s reputation as a leading figure in dance music, leaving an indelible mark on the genre.

8. Titanium (feat. Sia) – David Guetta, Sia

Artist: David Guetta, Sia
Track Name: Titanium (feat. Sia)
Album: Nothing but the Beat 2.0
Release Year: 2011

Titanium (feat. Sia) is a powerful track released by David Guetta, featuring the soaring vocals of Australian singer Sia in 2011. The song blends electronic beats with a poignant melody, creating a motivational anthem celebrated worldwide.

The inspiration for Titanium stems from themes of strength and resilience, with lyrics that promote self-empowerment and overcoming adversity. Sia’s personal struggles and triumphs imbue the song with an authentic layer of emotional depth, resonating with listeners on a personal level.

Since its release, Titanium has etched itself into the fabric of pop culture, lauded by both critics and the public alike. Its message has inspired countless individuals, while the song continues to serve as a timeless symbol of inner strength and survival.

9. Who’s That Chick? (feat. Rihanna) – David Guetta, Rihanna

Artist: David Guetta, Rihanna
Track Name: Who’s That Chick? (feat. Rihanna)
Album: One More Love
Release Year: 2010

Who’s That Chick? is a vibrant dance-pop track by the renowned French DJ and producer David Guetta, featuring Barbadian singer Rihanna. Released in 2010, the song blends upbeat electronic beats with Rihanna’s distinctive vocals, creating an infectious party anthem.

The track showcases Guetta’s and Rihanna’s flair for crafting hits that resonate across dance floors worldwide. Its lyrics speak to a captivating, carefree night out, a theme that is further amplified by the song’s colorful and energetic music video.

Who’s That Chick? remains a notable collaboration that reflects the peak of club culture in the early 2010s. Both fans and critics applauded the song, securing its place as a staple in David Guetta’s impressive discography and a highlight in Rihanna’s career.

10. This One’s for You (feat. Zara Larsson) (Official Song UEFA EURO 2016) – David Guetta, Zara Larsson

Artist: David Guetta, Zara Larsson
Track Name: This One’s for You (feat. Zara Larsson) (Official Song UEFA EURO 2016)
Album: This One’s for You (feat. Zara Larsson) [Official Song UEFA EURO 2016]
Release Year: 2016

David Guetta teamed up with Zara Larsson to release This One’s for You, the official anthem for UEFA Euro 2016. The song is a powerful dance track, mixing electronic beats with uplifting lyrics that celebrate unity and competition.

The inspiration for This One’s for You comes from the spirit of international football and the connection it fosters among fans and players. Guetta and Larsson crafted a message of togetherness and resilience, aimed to resonate with audiences gathered for Europe’s premier football tournament.

Since its release, This One’s for You has left a mark as a memorable sports event anthem. The track earned positive reactions for energizing fans and embodying the excitement of the UEFA Euro 2016, reinforcing David Guetta’s status as a producer who can create music that unites people across the globe.

11. Family Affair (Dance For Me) – David Guetta

Artist: David Guetta
Track Name: Family Affair (Dance For Me)
Album: Family Affair (Dance For Me)
Release Year: 2022

Family Affair (Dance for Me) is a vibrant 2022 track from world-renowned DJ and producer David Guetta. The song is a fresh take on dance music, infused with Guetta’s signature electronic beats.

The inspiration for Family Affair (Dance for Me) taps into the universal spirit of joy and celebration on the dance floor. Guetta channels the collective yearning for connection, urging us all to lose ourselves in the music.

The track has resonated with fans globally, bolstering David Guetta’s status as a dance music icon. Its rousing reception has once more demonstrated Guetta’s ability to craft anthems that unite and exhilarate audiences worldwide.

12. Big FU – David Guetta, Ayra Starr, Lil Durk

Artist: David Guetta, Ayra Starr, Lil Durk
Track Name: Big FU
Album: Big FU
Release Year: 2023

Big FU is the energizing 2023 track by hitmaker David Guetta, Nigerian singer Ayra Starr, and American rapper Lil Durk. It’s a blend of electronic dance beats and urban melodies showcasing Guetta’s versatility and the unique talents of Starr and Durk.

The track is fueled by themes of empowerment and resilience, with each artist contributing their personal touch to the narrative. Guetta’s pulsating production, Ayra Starr’s dynamic voice, and Lil Durk’s gritty lyrics create a song that’s both a battle cry and a celebration.

Since its release, Big FU has resonated with audiences worldwide, admired for its bold sound and relatable message. Critics have praised the collaboration, and fans have embraced the track, solidifying its place as a contemporary anthem.

13. Where Them Girls At (feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida) – David Guetta, Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj

Artist: David Guetta, Flo Rida, Nicki Minaj
Track Name: Where Them Girls At (feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida)
Album: Nothing but the Beat 2.0
Release Year: 2011

Where Them Girls At is a vibrant 2011 dance-pop anthem produced by the French DJ David Guetta, featuring the dynamic duo of American rapper Flo Rida and Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj. Its infectious beat and catchy hook made it an instant club hit, showcasing Guetta’s signature fusion of EDM and hip-hop.

The track draws inspiration from the high-energy nightlife and club scene, where the search for fun and connection takes center stage. It encapsulates a celebratory vibe, with Minaj and Flo Rida’s verses adding a sizzling blend of confident swagger and playful banter, resonating with a generation keen on living in the moment.

Since its release, Where Them Girls At has left a pulsating mark on the dance music scene, garnering international chart success and positive critical reception for its energetic rhythm and stellar collaborations. It stands as a testament to the enduring popularity of dance tracks that bring people together, compelling them to move and celebrate life’s joys.

14. If You Really Love Me (How Will I Know) – David Guetta, Mistajam, John Newman

Artist: David Guetta, MistaJam, John Newman
Track Name: If You Really Love Me (How Will I Know)
Album: If You Really Love Me (How Will I Know)
Release Year: 2021

If You Really Love Me (How Will I Know) is a dynamic 2021 dance anthem by David Guetta, MistaJam, and John Newman. The track fuses classic house beats with Newman’s soulful vocals, creating a fresh yet nostalgic vibe.

The song taps into themes of love and uncertainty, drawing inspiration from Whitney Houston’s classic How Will I Know. Guetta, MistaJam, and Newman channel their personal experiences into crafting a message about seeking genuine signs of love.

This hit has resonated widely, earning acclaim for its catchy hooks and emotional resonance. Fans and critics praise its ability to blend throwback elements with contemporary sounds, securing its place as a modern dance floor staple.

15. Without You (feat. Usher) – David Guetta, Usher

Artist: David Guetta, USHER
Track Name: Without You (feat. Usher)
Album: Nothing but the Beat 2.0
Release Year: 2011

Without You is a dynamic collaboration released in 2011 that brings together the pounding beats of French DJ David Guetta with the smooth R&B vocals of American singer Usher. The song is an energetic dance-pop track, with an emotional undertone and a catchy melody that helped it become a club favorite worldwide.

The inspiration for Without You comes from the universal theme of missing someone important and the pain of separation. David Guetta and Usher have harnessed their personal experiences of longing and loss, transforming them into a powerful anthem that resonates with listeners on an intimate level.

Since its release, Without You has left an indelible mark on the music scene, known for its ability to unite crowds and evoke strong feelings. The song received widespread acclaim, with fans and critics praising its blending of genres and its ability to capture the euphoria and heartache of being apart from loved ones.

16. Gettin’ Over (feat. Chris Willis & Fergie) – David Guetta, Chris Willis, Fergie

Artist: David Guetta, Chris Willis, Fergie
Track Name: Gettin’ Over (feat. Chris Willis & Fergie)
Album: One More Love
Release Year: 2010

Gettin’ Over You is a dynamic collaboration released in 2010 by renowned DJ David Guetta, featuring powerful vocals from Chris Willis and Fergie. Known for its high-energy beats and catchy chorus, the song blurs the lines between pop and electronic dance music, showcasing Guetta’s signature sound.

The track delves into the universal theme of moving on from a past relationship, embodying a sense of resilience and empowerment. Inspired by the raw emotions of heartbreak and the journey to recovery, the artists convey a message of strength and determination through pulsating rhythms and anthemic lyrics.

Gettin’ Over You resonated with audiences worldwide, becoming a chart-topping hit and a club favorite. Its success cemented David Guetta’s status as a global hitmaker and contributed to the mainstream acceptance of electronic dance music, leaving a memorable imprint on the music industry of the early 2010s.

17. Flames – David Guetta, Sia

Artist: David Guetta, Sia
Track Name: Flames
Album: Flames
Release Year: 2018

Flames is a dynamic collaboration between French DJ David Guetta and Australian singer-songwriter Sia, released in 2018. The track is an upbeat anthem that combines Guetta’s signature electronic beats with Sia’s powerful vocals, creating an infectious and motivational soundscape.

The inspiration behind Flames is one of perseverance and resilience, themes frequently echoed in Sia’s songwriting. Guetta’s production provides an energizing backdrop that encourages listeners to keep pushing through challenges, aligning with Sia’s soul-stirring delivery of the lyrics.

Flames resonated with audiences worldwide, becoming a radio favorite and a staple in workout playlists. Fans and critics praised the song for its catchy melody and inspiring message, cementing it as a memorable hit in both David Guetta’s and Sia’s discographies.

18. Bad (feat. Vassy) – David Guetta, Showtek, Vassy

Artist: David Guetta, Showtek, VASSY
Track Name: Bad (feat. Vassy) – Radio Edit
Album: Bad (feat. Vassy) [Radio Edit]
Release Year: 2014

Bad (feat. Vassy) – Radio Edit is a high-energy dance track released in 2014 by the powerhouse combination of David Guetta, Showtek, and the vocalist Vassy. Melding electronic beats with catchy hooks, the song is known for its electrifying drops and Vassy’s dynamic vocals.

This anthem was inspired by the vibrant electronic dance music scene and crafted to ignite the club atmosphere with its infectious rhythm. Its empowering message, underscored by Vassy’s bold voice, urges listeners to embrace their rebellious side and let loose.

Upon release, Bad resonated strongly with fans for its anthemic quality and became a festival and party staple. It earned accolades, solidifying David Guetta and Showtek’s positions as EDM heavyweights while elevating Vassy’s vocal prowess in the dance music realm.

19. Let’s Love – David Guetta, Sia

Artist: David Guetta, Sia
Track Name: Let’s Love
Album: Let’s Love
Release Year: 2020

Let’s Love is a dynamic collaboration between DJ David Guetta and powerhouse vocalist Sia, released in 2020. The song is a vibrant fusion of 80s-inspired synths and modern pop, showcasing Guetta’s production prowess and Sia’s sensational voice.

The track was inspired by the challenging times of the global pandemic, aiming to spread a message of hope and unity. It captures the spirit of overcoming adversity through compassion and togetherness, resonating deeply with listeners worldwide.

The cultural impact of Let’s Love is marked by its wide-reaching appeal and positive reception, encouraging love and support during tough times. Fans and critics alike celebrated the song for its uplifting energy and timely call for solidarity, securing its place as an anthem of resilience.

20. Love Is Gone – David Guetta, Chris Willis, Fred Riesterer, Joachim Garraud

Artist: David Guetta, Chris Willis, Fred Riesterer, Joachim Garraud
Track Name: Love Is Gone – Fred Riester & Joachim Garraud Radio Edit Remix
Album: Pop Life
Release Year: 2007

Love is Gone – Fred Riester & Joachim Garraud Radio Edit Remix is a dynamic reimagining of David Guetta’s hit, released in 2007. The remix offers a fresh electronic twist, infusing the original with high-energy dance beats and an infectious rhythm.

The song’s poignant exploration of lost love and moving on resonates deeply with listeners. Guetta, Chris Willis, Fred Riesterer, and Joachim Garraud crafted a track that captures the pain and liberation that comes with letting go.

The remix has left an indelible mark on the dance music scene, praised for its emotion and club appeal. It solidified Guetta’s position as a house music icon and continues to move audiences both on and off the dance floor.

21. Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack) – David Guetta, Afrojack, Bebe Rexha, Nicki Minaj

Artist: David Guetta, AFROJACK, Bebe Rexha, Nicki Minaj
Track Name: Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack)
Album: Listen (Deluxe)
Release Year: 2014

Hey Mama is a high-energy track that features a blend of electronic dance beats and catchy hooks. Released in 2014, this collaboration between David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, and Afrojack became an instant club favorite.

The track’s inspiration comes from themes of empowerment and celebration. It showcases Nicki Minaj’s rapping prowess alongside Bebe Rexha’s powerful vocals, set against Guetta and Afrojack’s pulsating electronic production.

Hey Mama has made a lasting imprint on pop and dance music, with strong reception from fans and positive critiques from music reviewers. Its cross-genre appeal and chart success have cemented it as a memorable anthem in David Guetta’s discography.

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