14 Best Zara Larsson Songs

Zara Larsson is a singer from Sweden who makes music that makes you want to dance and sing along. With her powerful voice and catchy tunes, she’s won millions of fans around the globe. This list will show you some of her very best songs that you just have to hear.

Zara’s music is special because it mixes pop with strong beats and a sprinkle of electronic sounds. She’s worked with famous artists like BTS and made songs that have played on radios everywhere. Get ready to add some new favorites to your playlist!

1. Lush Life – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: Lush Life
Album: So Good
Release Year: 2017

Lush Life by Zara Larsson is a vibrant pop anthem that was released in 2017 and quickly became a summer hit. The song’s catchy melody and upbeat rhythm make it a memorable track that stood out on the charts.

The song reflects the idea of living life to the fullest and embracing freedom, inspired by Zara Larsson’s own youthful energy and desire to seize the moment. It resonates with listeners through its celebration of carefree experiences and the joys of being young.

Lush Life has made a lasting impression on fans worldwide, becoming a defining song of Larsson’s career. Its infectious hook and positive message have been praised by critics, adding to its enduring popularity and cultural impact.

2. On My Love – Zara Larsson, David Guetta

Artist: Zara Larsson, David Guetta
Track Name: On My Love
Album: On My Love
Release Year: 2023

ON MY LOVE is a vibrant 2023 musical collaboration between Zara Larsson and David Guetta. Its catchy beats and pop-dance melody showcase a fresh fusion of Larsson’s vocal prowess with Guetta’s iconic electronic production.

The song draws inspiration from the vigor of new love and the rollercoaster of emotions it brings. Through energetic drops and heartfelt lyrics, it captures the essence of passionate romance imbued with hope and excitement.

The track has quickly resonated with audiences, leaving an upbeat mark on the music scene. Fans and critics alike praise its infectious rhythm and the seamless blend of Larsson and Guetta’s artistic flair, solidifying ON MY LOVE as a chart-topping hit.

3. Can’t Tame Her – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: Can’t Tame Her
Album: Can’t Tame Her
Release Year: 2023

Can’t Tame Her by Zara Larsson is a vibrant track dropped in 2023. Its infectious beats and bold lyrics showcase the singer’s powerful stance on independence.

The song draws from Zara Larsson’s personal journey towards self-empowerment. It resonates with many for its message of unapologetic self-expression and freedom.

With its catchy rhythm and empowering theme, Can’t Tame Her struck a chord with fans and critics. The song has cemented its place as an anthem for those who refuse to be defined or constrained by others.

4. You Love Who You Love – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: You Love Who You Love
Album: You Love Who You Love
Release Year: 2024

You Love Who You Love by Zara Larsson is a 2024 release that captivates listeners with its fresh and vibrant sound. The track stands out with its infectious melody and Larsson’s signature vocal delivery, setting trends in the pop genre.

The song draws from Zara Larsson’s personal reflections on love’s boundless nature. It resonates with listeners through its heartfelt message that love transcends all barriers, a theme shaped by Larsson’s own experiences and the inclusivity movement.

Since its release, You Love Who You Love has left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. Both fans and critics have embraced its universal message, securing its place as a milestone in Zara Larsson’s career and a celebration of love’s diverse expressions.

5. Never Forget You – Zara Larsson, Mnek

Artist: Zara Larsson, MNEK
Track Name: Never Forget You
Album: So Good
Release Year: 2017

Never Forget You is a vibrant 2015 collaboration between Swedish singer Zara Larsson and British singer MNEK. Fusing powerful vocals with an infectious blend of pop and electronic dance music, the track quickly became a chart-topping hit.

Drawing from themes of enduring friendship and bittersweet farewells, the song reflects the artists’ own personal journeys and connections. Its poignant lyrics and melodic strength deliver a universal message of lasting bonds and the pain of parting.

Since its release, Never Forget You has resonated deeply with fans, securing a beloved place in contemporary pop culture. Its widespread acclaim is a testament to Zara Larsson and MNEK’s ability to craft a song that strikes a chord with listeners around the globe.

6. Ain’t My Fault – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: Ain’t My Fault
Album: So Good
Release Year: 2017

Ain’t My Fault by Zara Larsson hit the music scene in 2017, showcasing her powerful vocals and dynamic pop sound. The track stands out for its confident lyrics and infectious beat, making it a favorite among fans of strong pop anthems.

The song channels themes of empowerment and self-assurance, as Zara Larsson weaves a tale of not taking blame for someone else’s attraction to her. It reflects a spirit of independence and has been seen as an anthem for taking control of one’s decisions and feelings.

Since its release, Ain’t My Fault has left a mark for its bold message and catchy sound. The track’s broad appeal and Larsson’s formidable presence have earned it a place in the replay lists of listeners and praise from music critics for its unabashed attitude and pop prowess.

7. Memory Lane – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: Memory Lane
Album: Memory Lane & Winter Song
Release Year: 2023

Memory Lane is a 2023 release by the talented Zara Larsson, captivating listeners with its fusion of nostalgic melodies and modern pop elements. The song quickly garnered attention for its fresh sound, propelling Larsson to new heights.

Drawing from her own journey, Larsson crafted Memory Lane to resonate with anyone who’s navigated the bittersweet paths of past love and growth. Its lyrics convey a universal story of reflection and the pain of letting go, striking a chord with audiences worldwide.

The song’s raw honesty and Larsson’s powerful delivery left an indelible mark on the music scene. Fans and critics alike praised Memory Lane for its heartfelt authenticity, securing Zara Larsson’s place as a poignant storyteller in today’s pop landscape.

8. Ruin My Life – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: Ruin My Life
Album: Poster Girl
Release Year: 2021

Ruin My Life by Zara Larsson is a bold pop anthem released in 2021. Its catchy melody and Larsson’s dynamic vocals create a memorable experience with an edge.

Inspired by the complexities of longing for a toxic relationship, Larsson expresses vulnerability in navigating love’s challenges. The song resonates with listeners through its candid exploration of heartache and self-discovery.

The track struck a chord with fans, securing a loyal audience and critical acclaim for its unflinching honesty. Ruin My Life stands as a testament to Larsson’s prowess in crafting relatable pop hits that both entertain and evoke deeper contemplation.

9. Uncover – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: Uncover
Album: Uncover
Release Year: 2012

Uncover, by Zara Larsson, is a soul-baring anthem released in 2012. Its blend of pop and R&B showcases Larsson’s powerful vocals and emotive delivery, capturing listeners’ hearts.

Drawing from themes of vulnerability and discovery, Uncover reflects Larsson’s personal journey toward self-expression. Its candid lyrics resonate with fans, emphasizing the strength found in revealing one’s true self.

The song has left a lasting imprint, earning critical acclaim and connecting deeply with fans around the world. Uncover remains a testament to Zara Larsson’s artistry and the universal power of embracing one’s authenticity.

10. I Can’t Fall in Love Without You – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: I Can’t Fall in Love Without You
Album: So Good
Release Year: 2017

I Can’t Fall in Love Without You is a heartfelt ballad by Swedish pop star Zara Larsson, released in 2017. The song stands out for its minimalist arrangement and poignant lyrics, showcasing Larsson’s powerful vocals without overwhelming production.

The track delves into themes of vulnerability and the fear of opening up to new love after heartbreak. It’s inspired by the universal experience of longing and the hesitation to risk being hurt again, which many listeners can relate to.

Since its release, the song has resonated deeply with fans for its raw emotion and relatable message. Although it didn’t clinch major awards, its impact lies in the connection it forged with listeners, earning a special place in many hearts and playlists.

11. WOW (feat. Sabrina Carpenter) – Zara Larsson, Sabrina Carpenter

Artist: Zara Larsson, Sabrina Carpenter
Track Name: WOW (feat. Sabrina Carpenter) – Remix
Album: WOW (feat. Sabrina Carpenter) [Remix]
Release Year: 2020

Wow (feat. Sabrina Carpenter) – Remix by Zara Larsson hit the music scene in 2020 with a fresh collaboration. Blending pop and electronic vibes, the remix stands out with its catchy hooks and vibrant production, featuring the vocal talents of Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson and American singer Sabrina Carpenter.

The song encapsulates a feeling of amazement and attraction, inspired by the awe one feels in the presence of someone who truly stands out. The collaboration between Larsson and Carpenter brings a powerful dynamic to the track, infusing it with a confident and empowering message that resonates with listeners.

Despite stiff competition in the pop music landscape, Wow (feat. Sabrina Carpenter) – Remix has left a lasting impression due to its infectious energy and stellar vocal performances. Fans and critics have praised the track for its danceability and anthem-like quality, cementing it as a memorable hit from Zara Larsson’s discography.

12. I Would Like – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: I Would Like
Album: So Good
Release Year: 2017

I Would Like is a hit single by Swedish singer Zara Larsson, released in 2017. The track combines electronic and dance-pop elements, creating an addictive and energetic rhythm.

The song’s lyrics explore the theme of longing and desire, inspired by the excitement of a new romantic interest. Larsson channels the thrill of attraction into a powerful and relatable anthem, resonating with listeners’ own experiences.

I Would Like has left a mark on the music scene with its vibrant sound and universal appeal. Praised by fans and critics alike, the track stands as a testament to Larsson’s ability to craft hits that capture the zeitgeist of contemporary pop.

13. All the Time – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: All the Time
Album: All the Time
Release Year: 2019

All the Time by Zara Larsson is a vibrant pop anthem released in 2019. The song boasts an infectious beat and catchy lyrics, hallmarked by Larsson’s soaring vocals.

Inspired by the highs of a passionate relationship, All the Time captures the euphoria of being in love. The track resonates with listeners, as Zara Larsson channels the intensities of youthful romance and desire.

The song quickly resonated with fans, securing a spot as a summer favorite. Its reception underscores Larsson’s ability to create relatable hits that capture the zeitgeist of contemporary pop music.

14. End Of Time – Zara Larsson

Artist: Zara Larsson
Track Name: End Of Time
Album: End Of Time
Release Year: 2023

End of Time is a fresh 2023 release from the vibrant pop sensation Zara Larsson. It exudes a dynamic blend of pop energy and relatable lyrics, standing out with Larsson’s signature vocal power.

The song draws from Zara Larsson’s personal contemplations on love’s resilience and the fear of loss. Its stirring message echoes our universal yearning for connections that withstand time’s challenges.

The track has swiftly resonated with fans and critics alike, further cementing Zara Larsson’s foothold in contemporary pop music. End of Time is not just a song; it’s an anthem of enduring love that continues to ripple through the hearts of listeners worldwide.

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