Your Music. All Screens.

Set up your impressive online presence to engage your fans across all devices.




Never miss a fan interaction.
Maximise online reach with your personalised online artist profile optimised for all screens.

Be Multi Screen. Be Multi Device.

And Even More.


Facebook App

Create your perfect looking fanpage within Facebook via Songpier. Update and share tracks, videos, photos, tour dates and more. Start showcasing your music on Facebook.

Mobile'ize Your Website

Get your QR-Code Widget for your Homepage and ask visitors on mobile devices in a neat way if they like to open your Web App instead of your Homepage (optional).

Plugin Player for your Website and Blog

The flexible music player plugin could make your website even shinier. Or grab the code and send it to your promotional contacts like bloggers, editors, etc. They can easily embed the player on their blogs and websites.


Automatically transcoding and streaming of your songs in the best format for all devices.


Integrate Your Videos from Youtube or Vimeo. Put them at Your Fan's fingertips!


Easy publishing of everything around your music and band.

Tell your biography and discography.

Events, news, videos, photo galleries and merchandise of your band. Updates and new content will be shown to your fans who revisit your songpier.

Design Your Songpier App

Select your background image, colors and create your individual App-Icon. Preview your layout on different devices.

QR Support

Any of your apps comes with a QR Code. - scanned with a QR Scanner app, the fan’s mobile device displays your app in the blink of an eye.


Songpier shows you the number of visits and hits to your apps, as well as how many times your tracks have been played via Songpier. More than that, pie charts help you in exactly analyzing from which device types and platforms access has been logged.

Sync, Share and Distribute

Connect directly to twitter and facebook and distribute your content (news, events...) to your twitter account or facebook fanpage - no need to copy and paste it everywhere.

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