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Mosno Al-Moseeki – A Voice To Be Heard

Being fascinated by the power of the extraordinary music of Mosno Al-Moseeki which is featured  on his Songpier, we instantly wanted to get to know more about him and his music and invited him for an interview.

Get featured on Songpier!

As you might have noticed, for some time we are posting Songpiers by our artists on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels. Which is a pretty good way for you to find new listeners. It shows off not only your Songpier but most of all your talent & skills. We really love to feature as much of you as possible though we need your support.

Video: How to connect The Orchard account with Songpier

Now that’s a special one. For all of those who are already customers of our friends over at The Orchard here’s how to connect your The Orchard account to Songpier – no hassle with filling in your data again and again. One click, and you’re finished.

Songpier Guide #2: Prepping up for your perfect Songpier

Ok guys, here we go again. Hope you did your homework. How was your quest to experience the user interface of Songpier? Feels quite smart when you are gently moving through the plentitude of options, right? But of course, you are still missing the content. Get yourself a cup of coffee and on we go!

Video: How to start with Songpier

We just started a series of How-to videos on YouTube - head on over to check them out. Straight forward and condensed you will get to know everything you need on the most relevant topics.