14 Songs About Wolves

Wolves captivate our imagination with their mystery and strength. Musicians tap into this allure, crafting songs that mirror the wild spirit of these incredible creatures. These tracks range from haunting ballads to electrifying anthems, each echoing the call of the wild.

Artists like Shakira, Selena Gomez, and Radiohead have all drawn inspiration from wolves. Their songs often explore themes of solitude, freedom, and primal instincts. This article will guide you through some of the best songs that celebrate our connection to these majestic animals.

1. Wolves – Selena Gomez, Marshmello

Artist: Selena Gomez, Marshmello
Track Name: Wolves
Release Year: 2017

Selena Gomez and Marshmello’s 2017 track Wolves showcases a blend of electronic dance music and pop, weaving haunting beats with falsetto vocals. The lyrics convey a passionate, almost desperate, quest for love, drawing vivid imagery that aligns with the wild and untamed nature of wolves. The song’s production quality is top-notch, featuring Marshmello’s signature melodic EDM style, creating a soundscape that feels both expansive and intimate.

The music video adds another layer of intrigue with its eerie, twilight scenes and Gomez wandering through a deserted cityscape, enhancing the song’s mystical vibe. Fans and critics alike praised Wolves for its emotional depth and catchy melody, solidifying its place as one of the standout collaborations of the year. Its reception on platforms like Spotify and Billboard further cemented its impact in the pop and electronic music scenes.

2. Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran

Artist: Duran Duran
Track Name: Hungry Like the Wolf – 2009 Remaster
Release Year: 1982

Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran** is an iconic track from 1982, blending new wave and synth-pop genres. Its infectious beat and driving bassline, combined with catchy synth riffs, make it a standout in pop music history. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of primal lust and pursuit, perfectly aligning with the theme of wolves.

The production, polished for the 2009 remaster, enhances the song’s vibrant energy and sharp clarity. Its dynamic structure, with memorable verses building to an explosive chorus, keeps the listener hooked. The music video, set in a jungle, complements the song’s wild, untamed essence, adding another layer of allure to this timeless classic.

3. Wolves Cry – Bryan Martin

Artist: Bryan Martin
Track Name: Wolves Cry
Release Year: 2023

Bryan Martin’s Wolves Cry from 2023 is a country ballad that paints an evocative picture of life’s struggles. The song’s lyrics delve deep into themes of resilience and survival, much like the wolves it metaphorically references. Accompanied by acoustic guitar and haunting melodies, the musical composition complements the raw emotion in Martin’s voice.

The production quality of Wolves Cry is superb, with a crisp yet rustic sound that enhances the song’s authenticity. Fans and critics have lauded its heartfelt delivery and lyrical depth. Live performances of the track are intensely captivating, often leaving audiences spellbound by its powerful narrative and Martin’s emotive voice.

4. She Wolf – Shakira

Artist: Shakira
Track Name: She Wolf
Release Year: 2009

Shakira’s She Wolf, released in 2009, stands out with its infectious electro-pop beats and hypnotic disco elements. The song dives into themes of desire and freedom, encapsulated in the catchy refrain about a woman who transforms into a feral creature at night. The blend of guitar riffs and electronic synths creates a unique soundscape that grabs listeners from the first note.

The accompanying music video amplifies the song’s wild energy, featuring Shakira’s iconic dance moves inside a futuristic, gilded cage. Critics praised both the production quality and Shakira’s daring shift in style. She Wolf remains a memorable hit, adding a fierce and playful edge to any playlist celebrating songs about wolves.

5. Keep The Wolves Away – Uncle Lucius

Artist: Uncle Lucius
Track Name: Keep The Wolves Away
Release Year: 2012

Keep the Wolves Away by Uncle Lucius, released in 2012, is a heartfelt blend of Americana and Southern rock. The song tells the story of a father’s survival and struggle, symbolizing resilience in the face of adversity. Its powerful narrative is underscored by rich acoustic guitar melodies and emotional vocals, anchoring the song in a vivid, raw soundscape.

The production quality captures a live, organic feel, drawing listeners into its poignant atmosphere. Fans and critics have praised the track for its storytelling and authentic musicianship. Its cultural resonance lies in addressing universal themes of hardship and endurance, making it a standout in the genre.

6. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (feat. William Beckett) – Set It Off

Artist: Set It Off
Track Name: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (feat. William Beckett)
Release Year: 2014

Set It Off’s Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (feat. William Beckett) from 2014 stands out in the pop-punk genre, blending biting lyrics with energetic instrumentals. The theme delves into betrayal and deception, comparing treacherous people to wolves disguised as harmless sheep. Key lines like Beware, beware, be skeptical sharply convey the urgency of the message.

The collaboration with William Beckett adds a dynamic vocal contrast, enriching the track. The production quality is polished, with crisp guitars and driving percussion that amplify its edgy tone. Paired with a visually striking music video that emphasizes its narrative, the song leaves a lasting impression.

7. The Wolf – SIAMES

Artist: SIAMES
Track Name: The Wolf
Release Year: 2016

The Wolf by SIAMÉS is a vibrant blend of indie rock and synth-pop, creating an infectious rhythm that captivates listeners instantly. Its lyrics delve into themes of inner turmoil and transformation, evocatively comparing human emotions to the primal instincts of a wolf. The song’s catchy chorus and pulsating beats make it an instant earworm, ensuring its place on any playlist about wolves.

The accompanying music video, an animated marvel, stands out for its striking art style and storytelling. It perfectly complements the song’s energy and adds an extra layer of intrigue. Fans and critics alike have lauded the song, praising its innovative sound and captivating visuals.

8. Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio

Artist: TV On The Radio
Track Name: Wolf Like Me
Release Year: 2006

Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio, released in 2006, is an indie rock masterpiece that howls with feral intensity. The song’s theme revolves around transformation and primal urges, cleverly woven into the metaphor of wolves. Throbbing bass lines and haunting vocals create a sense of urgency that pulls listeners into a wild, hypnotic journey.

The powerful production marries gritty guitars with pulsating drums, perfectly complementing the raw emotion in the lyrics. Fans and critics alike hailed it as one of the band’s standout tracks, earning it a cherished spot in indie rock history. The music video, drenched in surreal and dark motifs, adds another layer of mystique to this unforgettable anthem.

9. The House of Wolves – Bring Me The Horizon

Artist: Bring Me The Horizon
Track Name: The House of Wolves
Release Year: 2013

The House of Wolves by Bring Me The Horizon is a roaring anthem from their 2013 album Sempiternal. Blending metalcore intensity with melodic elements, the song explores themes of guilt and sin. Oli Sykes’ ferocious vocals paired with dynamic guitar riffs create an electrifying atmosphere that embodies the ferocity and primal nature of wolves.

Produced by Terry Date, known for his work with Pantera and Deftones, the track boasts high production quality. Fans and critics alike praise its raw power and emotional depth. Live performances of The House of Wolves capture the band’s wild energy, elevating the song to a crowd favorite.

10. House of Wolves – My Chemical Romance

Artist: My Chemical Romance
Track Name: House of Wolves
Release Year: 2006

My Chemical Romance‘s House of Wolves, from their 2006 album The Black Parade, epitomizes the raw energy of punk rock with a twist of theatrical flair. The song’s frenetic guitar riffs and pounding drums drive home its rebellious spirit, making it a standout track. Its lyrics delve into themes of sin and redemption, painting a vivid picture of a hellish landscape controlled by wolves.

The song’s production quality is top-notch, layering Gerard Way’s passionate vocals over a rich tapestry of sound. During live performances, House of Wolves electrifies the audience, showcasing the band’s exceptional stage presence. It’s a high-impact song that resonates with fans and stands out in the crowded field of wolf-themed music.

11. Raised By Wolves – Falling In Reverse

Artist: Falling In Reverse
Track Name: Raised By Wolves
Release Year: 2011

Raised by Wolves by Falling in Reverse hits hard as a fierce blend of post-hardcore and glam metal. The song’s aggressive guitars and thunderous drums create a wild, untamed energy that mirrors the primal nature of wolves. With lyrics delving into themes of betrayal and survival, there’s an undeniable connection to the resilience of wolf packs.

The production quality is sharp, emphasizing the raw intensity of Ronnie Radke’s vocals. The music video adds another layer, portraying chaotic, rebellious imagery that complements the song’s ferocity. Fans embraced the track, turning it into an anthem of defiance and strength.

12. One with the Wolves – Robin Schulz

Artist: Robin Schulz
Track Name: One with the Wolves
Release Year: 2023

Robin Schulz’s One with the Wolves from 2023 is a synth-driven track that blends deep house and EDM elements. The pulsating beats and melodic synth lines evoke a sense of freedom and wildness, perfectly aligning with the song’s theme of unity with nature. Its production quality stands out, featuring layered textures and a polished, immersive soundscape.

The lyrics paint vivid imagery of running with wolves under a moonlit sky, capturing a primal yet liberating experience. Fans and critics have praised the track for its catchy hooks and atmospheric build-ups. The music video complements the song, showcasing stunning visuals of vast landscapes and wild wolves, enhancing the overall experience.

13. WOLF – Tyler, The Creator

Artist: Tyler, The Creator
Track Name: WOLF
Release Year: 2013

Wolf by Tyler, the Creator, from 2013, is a standout track blending hip-hop and alternative rap. The song is haunting, with dark themes and introspective lyrics that delve into inner turmoil, much like a lone wolf navigating its wilderness. The production quality is top-notch, featuring layered instrumentation that adds to the eerie, immersive soundscape.

The song made a significant impact, with fans and critics praising its raw emotion and innovative style. The music video complements the song’s feel, using stark imagery and a narrative that mirrors the lyrical depth. Wolf remains a memorable piece, reflecting Tyler’s unique ability to combine personal storytelling with broader cultural themes.

14. A Wolf At the Door – Radiohead

Artist: Radiohead
Track Name: A Wolf At the Door
Release Year: 2003

Radiohead’s A Wolf at the Door from their 2003 album Hail to the Thief melds alternative rock with haunting, lyrical storytelling. Thom Yorke’s voice drips with urgency as he navigates themes of paranoia and confrontation, symbolized through predator and prey imagery. The song’s sparse arrangement features minimalist guitar riffs and a pulsating, almost hypnotic rhythm.

The production quality is impeccable, highlighting the song’s eerie atmosphere. Critics and fans alike praised its dark, visceral sound, cementing it as a standout track in Radiohead’s discography. A Wolf at the Door remains an evocative exploration of fear and survival, fitting perfectly in any list of the best songs about wolves.

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