Songs About Wednesdays – Chase Your Midweek Blues Away with These

Just like many other days, Wednesday brings different feelings to us. As Wednesday is in the midst of a week, those feelings are generally troubling ones.

In some songs, we witness an event that happened on a Wednesday. In other ones, we only hear a song about the mood of that particular day.

Let’s not lose time and check out the 24 best songs ever written about Wednesday!

1. Wednesday – Tori Amos (2002)

We begin our list with a heartwarming tune by Tori Amos. As you might guess, it includes a well-written piano part. Wednesday is a song that depicts a longing for days when two lovers are free. This is not like any other Wednesday you know.

2. Wednesday’s Child – Paul Revere and the Raiders (1970)

Here is the first beautiful and catchy 70s tune on the list! This lesser-known song is the definition of sweetness.

Calm guitar arpeggios and soft vocals count all days for us. Lyrics are about children of each day being somewhat happy, except Wednesday’s child.

3. Wednesday Morning – Macklemore (2016)

Wednesday Morning is a calming hip-hop song about more serious issues. Here we witness a dad’s concerns about his daughter’s future. He is all worried. About the nation and the whole world.

I guess Wednesday Morning is the title, as this is the midst of a week. We tend to feel more stressed on Wednesdays. Hence the title makes sense.

4. Wednesday Girl – The Jetset (1983)

This song gives a complete 60s feeling. It was released in the 80s but the band’s style is more retro. Lyrics also act similarly. Here we see a sweet love song about a girl called as ‘’Wednesday Girl’’.

The reasons behind the usage of ‘’Wednesday’’ is obscure. Maybe it was a girl boy encounters each Wednesday on the streets. 

5. Wednesday – Tracy Hardly feat. Second Sama (2020)

Tracy Hardly titled a series of his songs with the names of days. On Wednesday, we hear a love song.

I like how the song’s tempo changes suddenly by the last parts. It feels like it is one of these days he thinks about his lover.

6. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting – Charles Mingus (1960)

Wednesday Night Prater Meeting is one of the greatest pieces by Mingus. It influenced so many musicians from the genres like psychedelic rock to rap.

Incredible piano patterns and virtuosic saxophone solos will change your boring Wednesday evening!

7. Wednesday – Earthgang (2015)

Another hip-hop tune where Wednesday is used to describe a troubling state of mind.

Although we don’t have the word Wednesday in the lyrics, the song’s chaotic storyline makes sense. The tune is dope, vocals are clear. A fine-tune to ease Wednesday drag.

8. Wednesday Morning Atonement – Curtis Harding (2017)

What about an emotional and moving soul tune about Wednesday? This song has great vocals, a nice beat, and meaningful lyrics.

As the title suggests, it is an atonement made to children about everything they wanted to know. Sometimes the best time is a Wednesday morning to express everything.

When everything hits harder, we tend to can’t hold our feelings anymore. This track is surely like that.

9. A Wednesday Car – Johnny Cash (1977)

King of country music never seems to disappoint us. A Wednesday Car is a funny song with a sweet melody.

I love the player piano solo and velvet voice of J. Cash. Lyrics are a series of recommendations on Wednesday being the best day for buying a car for yourself.

10. Wednesday Morning – Chicano Batman (2014)

I think artists took their time to destroy this bad image of Wednesdays. Here we got another fun song in the style of Latin rock. Lyrics are filled with joy, peace, and love.

Music is special in every aspect. Vocals, instrumentation, sudden rhythmic shifts… All are sublime and tasteful. Well, listen to that one and there is no bad Wednesday mood anymore.

11. Wednesday – Tomorrow Tulips (2011)

Imagine yourself on a summer’s Wednesday. Nothing can make you sad or stressed. This great indie tune feels like therapy when it says ‘’Wednesday is better than the last day’’.

12. Wednesday After Next – Chris Webby (2019)

Wednesday After Next is one of the greatest depictions of the day in a darker aspect. I like the title as the lyrics are filled with poetry on the hardship of life.

All days are like a boring stressful Wednesday when you are not privileged. Well, for some people, there is no Sunday.

13. Wednesday – Energygod ft. Mt. Oddo (2020)

Here is a majestic Wednesday expressed with the highest degree of emotions. A bold synth background accompanies the dark poetry.

Wednesday of Energygod is like a dystopic manifestation. Poetry is so heavy that music can only serve it. But the music itself is also highly atmospheric.

14. Wednesday Week – The Undertones (1980)

Wednesday of The Undertones is a lesser-known 60s-infused love song from the 80s.

It is surrounded by catchy guitar riffs and has great vocals. Wednesday Week is telling the story of a confused boy who wonders why his lover acts differently each week.

15. Wednesday’s Blues – Joe Newman (1960)

Listening to this amazing jazz tune each Wednesday evening is a remedy for every problem! Newman’s incredible talent shines bright as always. I imagine myself coming from work and hearing this tune.

Well, all the strange mood of Wednesday will be gone for sure! Grab your whiskey and hear that masterpiece!

16. Wednesday Night Interlude – Drake Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR (2015)

Wednesday Night Interlude is a smooth rap track with a great musical atmosphere. The lyrics are about a man asking for forgiveness.

He is lonely on a Wednesday night. As it is the most boring night of the week, loneliness hits more than on other days.

17. Wednesday Week – Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Elvis Castello’s take on Wednesday is also connected to a love relationship. This one is rather a toxic one. Music starts in a rock and roll mood and soon turns into a surf rock kind of atmosphere.

Wednesday Week is what she forgot about and what also he wants to forget at the end.

18. Wednesday Morning – Slackstring (2002)

Do you wonder which one is the most positive Wednesday song? Well, I bet it is the Wednesday Morning by Slackstring. Music is sweet as it comes.

Lyrics are endorsed with admiration for a bright Wednesday morning. And it takes all the blues away! Well, why not? Isn’t it after all just like another day?

19. Ready Wednesday – Snarky Puppy (2010)

Here is a massive jam to lift you up on a Wednesday! Ready Wednesday is an amazing title for the ensemble’s fantastic hit.

Music goes from coast to coast. And all you feel is it moves you so strong that you might want to go to the office or school and work!

20. Wednesday – Indubious

Oregon-based reggae trio has also a word on Wednesday. ‘’Walking like a modern slave, you made it to Wednesday’’ are the strongest lyrics of the song. If you listen to it, it sounds moving and sweet.

Yet, it has a strong political message that questions the whole system making Wednesdays a drag for most of us.

21. Wednesday Night Melody – Bleached (2016)

If you need mental support on a Wednesday night forget about all and listen to that song.

Well, maybe go out listening to this song and you will be motivated. This rock tune with 90s feeling recommends you to move on whatever happens. A truly inspirational track!

22. Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.- Simon & Garfunkel (1964)

Another monumental love anthem by Simon & Garfunkel is proudly on our list! Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. is not about how hard is Wednesday but the life.

Here we almost visualize a man sitting and watching his lover sleeping. He is telling her all those right before daytime arrives.

23. Wednesday’s Child – Emiliana Torrini (1999)

Torrini’s Wednesday Child is a beautiful slow tune surrounded by well-made electronics. Wednesday’s Child is confused and needs a lot of questions to answer.

Torrini’s advice is to be yourself: Take the hard path no matter what. The title is a great metaphor again. Wednesday is a concept undecided and here we see that it is applied to a person.

24. Wednesday’s Song – John Frusciante (2004)

We end up our list with an emotional tune by great Frusciante. His voice is suitable for anything emotional anyway. And in Wednesday’s Song, we hear a woman’s story.

Alone, rebuked, and hopeless. The track doesn’t have supportive lyrics but it feels more like a shoulder for harsh times.

Ending Note

That’s the end of our list of 24 Best songs about Wednesday. Unlike what we assume, many of them are about negative feelings. Most of the time we associate this day with work-life and stress.

Yet, there are many tunes that invite us to the other side as well. After all, Wednesday is the middle of it. And it is just a day among all. We never know if we will find our true love on a Wednesday.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Don’t forget to check out other ones!

John Godfrey

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