25 Songs About Underdogs That Personify the Underdog Spirit

There are times in life we feel like an underdog. For some people, this period is long, and to others, it is a passing phase. Feeling dismissed and having difficulty attaching ourselves to society are everyday situations.

In that sense, these songs are like medicines. To forget, associate ourselves, and take a step and change things. Let’s check out the 25 Best Songs ever written about Underdogs!

1. The Underdog – Spoon

The first tune on our list is a powerful song from the late 2000s. Underdog by Spoon does not talk about how hard it is to be an underdog.

Instead, this track warns you about its dangers of it. If you make all your decisions thinking of your pride, you will stay lonely. All these messages are here in a fun way with a sweet and simple melody.

2. Today – Smashing Pumpkins

Pure 90s feeling captivates you as the solo enters! This passionate song is a celebration of an underdog.

Lyrics tell us that sometimes giving up is better than fighting for something that won’t arrive. Today is the happiest day because expectations of tomorrow will only stress us more.

3. Back in the High Life Again – Steve Winwood

This is an unforgettable sweet 80s song about hope. You’ll find pictures from different and difficult times detailed in the lyrics.

Then, Winwood turns back to promise that everything will be alright. It is an inspiring song with a comforting melody.

4. Loser – Jerry Garcia

The loser is an iconic underdog song. First of all, the vocals of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead are almost theatrical. In every second of the song, you can feel like it is a man’s voice feeling like a loser.

The lyrics are melancholy. Here is a man who turns away from common people after witnessing battles of life and the dishonesty he has seen.

5. Kick in the Teeth – Papa Roach

Nietzche’s famous words are the theme for this empowering track. “What doesn’t kill me only Will make me stronger in my head.”

Powerful vocals and guitar riffs go with you all the way. Kick in the Teeth is like a riot against everything working against us. It is, in a way, a hopeful song.

6. The Boxer – Simon and Garfunkel

The boxer is a classic song by the fantastic duo of Simon and Garfunkel. This tune is like a poem and carries unique melodic lines and a great storyline.

A man recalls the difficult times when he was a boy. He has been ragged and also lived without money. Yet he is in a better condition now, but the fight is still going on.

7. Slow Clap – Gwen Stefani

Slow Clap is a brand new pop track and indeed an inspirational song. As we can get from the video clip, the song is about the youth period. Everyday life is the theme.

Being an underdog is periodical. We can touch the sky with enormous success, and the next day we may hit bottom. This is the story of everyone I know!

8. Parasite – Nick Drake

The melancholic hero of the 70s wrote one of the most touching songs about being an underdog. Underdog feelings are together here with a love relationship.

Nick Drake’s perfect guitar playing and vocals remind you of something important. Sometimes love can turn you into an underdog too.

9. Underdog – Sly and the Family Stone

Sly and the Family Stone never surprise us! They always create iconic tunes, and Underdog is also a powerful song.

It starts with a quotation from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the minor mode. And it has incredible beats, vocals, and bass lines. You have to cherish being an underdog as nobody knows what underdogs have to cope with.

10. Opportunities – Pet Shop Boys

This moving and typical 80s jam is humorous in a way. Yet, the video clip and the vocals are pretty serious. Lyrics are about making money.

Yet, in reality, it explains the odd situation of feeling like an underdog. Whether you look for a job or a love partner, it won’t be easy to find when you are an underdog.

11. Heroes – David Bowie

One of its most iconic songs of Bowie, Heroes, is the most significant expression of an underdog couple. The track move with great guitar and synth effects produced by amazing Brain Eno.

Heroes have a protest attitude against society and the system. We see a man encouraging his lover by saying that they can be heroes and beat them.

12. Beloved Freak – Garbage

A chill and heartwarming track by Garbage, this song has a melodic breathing line and musical setting. Upon it, the lyrics are very realistic.

Battles in life, feeling wrong and bad, are everyday issues that happen to us. Sometimes it is essential to know that we are not alone in this.

13. Misfit – Curiosity Killed the Cat

Misfit is a picture of a person unable to fit into society. He either feels that because he is out of ideas or because he is too thin or fat; that’s hard to know. All we know is that he needs to please his soul.

It is an interesting choice to tell such a story with moving dance melodies. Well, you know the 80s is all about dance so.

14. We’re Not Gonna Take It – Twisted Sisters

One of the greatest and unforgettable anthems of the 80s is here for you! We’re Not Gonna Take it is a pro-youth song.

It was way too strange for parents to see their children admire genres like Rock in those times. Lyrics say no matter what they do, you need to fight, and you will see you’re right.

15. Underdog – Alicia Keys

Empowering tracks have become a trademark for many. Such as this track co-written by Alicia Keys. Underdog of her covers many issues.

Some are women empowerment, chronic poverty, and suffering students. All of them are here. Alicia gives you the keys to unlock yourself through this autobiographical song.

16. We Are the Champions – Queen

Among the most popular tracks, We Are the Champions is the universal anthem of hope and love. Although Freddy Mercury wasn’t old, the song is from an older man’s perspective.

He has made mistakes, but he will never stop fighting because we are the champions no matter what they say or what happens.

17. Lane – Elliott Smith

The psychological state of a real underdog is here for you. Nobody can tell it better than this passive-aggressive track of Elliott Smith.

We know that when they asked about being a rockstar, Elliott was laughing and saying, “I am not that kind of a person.”

“Everybody stays away from your little house in Memory Lane” are amazing lyrics. That goes perfectly with virtuosic solo guitar passages.

18. Started From The Bottom – Drake

Seated upon a catchy loop, Started From The Bottom is a rap classic among all songs about underdogs. Lyrics have a serious attitude.

The hardship of life, love relations lost, and everything he has to cope with is here for you to listen to.

Though the chorus part is like a celebration, it tells us no successful person reaches to top without working.

19. Dirt – The Stooges

Dirt seems to make like being the underdog of this list. It is an excellent blues-rock song and is the most protective song about being an underdog.

Instead of walking into the crowd, lyrics suggest that there must be a reason if you feel like an underdog. You are different, and there is a fire inside you burning.

20. Creep – Radiohead

Here is the 90s anthem of the losers. Did you know that Radiohead refused to play this most popular song until recent years?

Well, Creep has only four chords and simple lyrics. Yet, those were all enough to conquer hearts.

21. Underdogs – Chris Young

How about an underdog song in a country-rock manner? Well, Chris Young seems to manage it quite well. I like that the focus of the song is working-class people.

Many of us avoid them, yet they are around us. They work hard yet are underpaid, which makes them real heroes.

22. I’ll Rise – Ben Harper

A velvet voice mixed with soul chorus and piano chords. Do you need anything else? Oh well, yes, reasonably honest and touching lyrics are here too!

Ben Harper’s I’ll Rise is quite resentful to people and the system. Yet, the song is a declaration of war to those trying to stop him from rising.

23. The Last Great American Dynasty – Taylor Swift

This lovely tale by Taylor Swift is about a woman who destroyed her own life deliberately. The story goes with a soft voice surrounded by an excellent beat and electronic effects.

Rebekah mentioned in the lyrics was an underdog from the beginning. Despite being upper class, sometimes it is good to be yourself instead of living a fake life.

24. Underdog – Kasabian

Underdog’s sharp guitar riff and vocal melody fit perfectly to it catch you from the first moment. This is another empowering song in that the singer is challenging the universe.

I like the poetic lyrics of “I am the underdog, Live my life on a lullaby”. These words also signify that nobody can give you hope before you feel like it.

25. Loser – Beck

The final song of the list is a grunge track by Beck. I particularly like the bass guitar riff of this tune. Well, the lyrics are pretty ridiculous.

He mentions tons of different strange situations he was involved in. 

Then asks the girl, “Why she is still hanging out with a loser such as him?”.

A Final Note

Here we have reached the end of our list. Underdogs might have been the backbones of each society. Underdogs are us, we have been an underdog, or we will be one day.

Life is not easy, and losers always will switch with winners. We’ve seen songs touching on the issue with humor and melancholy. We’ve seen ones highlight the working-class underdogs. Also, the others talk about the feelings of an underdog.

I hope you have enjoyed that list that presented you with the greatest underdog songs of all time! See you on the following list!

John Godfrey

John Godfrey is a music fanatic, as well as the owner of Songpier.com which provides music guides. In high school, he learned how to play the drums which inspired him to learn about rock music. He began to write articles for various music magazines and during this period he realized he had a passion for writing music descriptions. He has a Master's degree in music education from the University of Redlands.