25 Best Songs About Thunder and Lightning

Two of the most spectacular natural pheromones are thunder and lightning. They scare us, yet also inspire us in many ways. These magical events shock us inevitably. Many artists also felt the same way.

They associated their feelings with the songs thunder and lightning. Most of the time, they symbolize dark emotions, confusion, rage, or some important event in one’s life.   Besides that, a thunder strike is generally a metaphor for a drastic change.

Songs about thunder and lightning include all those concepts, so let’s not lose time and check out these 30 Best songs about them!

1. God of Thunder – Kiss

The first song on our list is a great rock tune! God of Thunder is based on a very effective guitar riff and accompanied by a gruff voice.  

Recordings of children’s voices heard give a creepy mood to it too. The song is dedicated to a woman by a man calling himself Thunder God. A little story from the world of gods and titans!

2. The Shock of the Lightning – Oasis

The Shock of the Lightning is a rather strange depiction of love. Music is in a dark mood and it uses heavy full guitar chords. The hypnotic beat and effects make the song more mysterious.  

Lightning here is the realization of love. To depict his situation, the vocalist uses the word thunder as something ‘’blinded’’ him. This is the very first song example among many where a lightning strike changes a person.

3. Somebody Stole My Thunder – Georgie Fame

Here is the first one to hit the dance floors! Somebody Stole My Thunder is a song that moves you with the cool voice of Georgie Fame and the Big Band rocking.  

Few people know about the existence of such a hidden pearl. The lyrics are quite fun too, as it is about a man who lost his thunder. Thunder here is a metaphor for pride. Quite a unique way to use the word.  

4. Crying Lightning- Arctic Monkeys

How do you dislike a song that starts with such incredible guitar tones and bass walking? Arctic Monkeys combine their western-like musical style with a very interesting story.  

It is hard to get what Crying Lighting is. It is a game played by a girl according to lyrics. A boy falls in love with a mysterious girl but soon he understands that her games are harmful to him.

5. Thunder – Imagine Dragons

I am very glad that this amazing synth-pop song is titled Thunder, so we’re able to see it on our list. Bold electronic tones, crazy back-vocal lines, and amazing lead vocals. It all made this track a classic.  

The lyrics are another case. Here we witness a life experience. He tries hard, yet the only thing he gets is disapproval or mistrust of people. Thunder here is like a phoenix here, symbolizes our self-esteem.

6. Thunder and Lightning – Phil Collins

Here are the great vibes from the 80s you are looking for! Collins here depicts a direct relationship with the lightning.    Although everyone told him to stay away, he went into the middle of it and the result was a success.

Lightning woke him up and gave him strength. A perfect rock track with striking brass motives that would put your mood up!

7. Heat Lightning – Mitski

This is a great track for calming and atmospheric rock music enthusiasts. We have an angelic voice and great electronic rhythmic patterns elevating the piece.

The lyrics are very poetic. It is like a track a woman sings and dances to as she wrote the kind of a diary. Her feelings are a mixture of fiction and reality. In the end, it is all about love.  

Thunder is the inevitable feeling that makes her scared. She feels between resisting or giving up.

8. Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen

Thunder Road is another classic track by Bruce Springsteen. One of the greatest storytellers, he shows that talent of him once again.  

Piano accompaniment in the first section followed by guitars. The song only gets bigger and bigger in volume.   Thunder Road is like a metaphor for life.

A man has a hard time with his lover. Yet, if they can walk and cross the Thunder Road, there is endless love and relief at the end.

9. Lightning Bolt – Pearl Jam

You can’t push aside Eddie’s great lyrics when it comes to tasteful songs. You’ll find yourself toe-tapping with the sound of Eddie’s guitar. The vibe will just flow through you reflexively.  

The Lightning Bolt is a woman, and her love is for struggle and protection. Well, maybe the lighting bolt is the song itself as Pearl Jam reflected the whole idea into music in a flawless way.

10. Thunder and Lightning- Chi Coltrane

Sweetness, freshness, a strong and sexy vocal, and endless fun! Chi Coltrane’s hit strikes me from the very beginning. It is a song about a woman in need of more support from her lover.  

She is serious about her fears, as well as her warning. Thunder and Lightning await, and all that she needs is a helping hand to face them.

11. Thunder – Prince and the New Power Generation

Thunder is when we are in shock. It is a mood that electrifies us. So even if we are sad, the expression is always energetic. The greatest example is the Thunder by Prince and the New Power Generation.  

Desperate feelings and prayers for thunder do not stop the extreme energy of the music. This contradicting motion reaches a climax with the ominous and crazy synth solo. That is the thunder itself!

12. Lightning Strikes the Postman- The Flaming Lips

This monumental track guarantees a real thunder experience with its heavy sliding guitar riffs and the loud atmosphere. Lyrics also present a rather chaotic situation in a fiction-like manner.  

Thunder strikes the postman each time the man tries to get in touch with his lover. The sound of thunder seems to mix with everyday life issues and troubles. A great 90s anthem for sure!

13. Thunder and Lightning – Giant

In this amazing oldie, you get a feeling that takes you way back in the days. Giant came through for his fans in this song by showing his flexibility in combining human emotions with the lightning.  

The American rock band blends lyrics with emotions of love to the striking of lightning. If you’re a lover of classic oldies and want to hear the sound of thunder rumbling, that’s the right music for you!

14. Thunder on the Mountain – Bob Dylan

How do you tell a funny, heartwarming tale in around four minutes where Thunder on the Mountain is the central idea? Bob Dylan, the master, has done it with ease, of course.  

This rocking rolling country music ballad is formed in a folk tune style. Thunder on the Mountain is heard in the first line of each part.  

Typical of Bob Dylan, we listen to the story of a man on a quest. Everyday life and the circle of life are central topics of the track. If you want to have fun with such poetic lyrics, this late hit from Dylan is definitely your thing! 

15. Lightning Song- Queens of the Stone Age

Do you want to feel the thunder getting in from your ears and covering all your veins? Lightning Song promises that to you.  

The warning-like guitar solo is a direct musical reference to lightning. Imaginative lyrics dominate the track. Lightning here is feeling sick and bad. Yet, it feels like its effects may turn one into a super-strong villain.

16. Warren Zeiders – Ride the Lightning

Factually speaking, not every one of us loves listening to country music ballads. Yet, a good song has the ability to catch anyone anyhow! Initially, it might seem puzzle-like to get the precise meaning of this song.  

Yet, in no time, as the music sinks deeper, a natural flow catches you. It’s a song you’d want to listen to every now and later. It will get you humming with its catchy melody and you will ride the lightning with Zeiders!

17. Thundering Hearts – John Mellencamp

To me, 80s tunes could catch the soul of the thunder best compared to others. One of the favourite tracks of hard rock lovers, Thundering Hearts is a place where you might find your love.  

Mellencamp (Couger at the time) doesn’t seem eager to live in the place. You can feel the energy of youth, excitement, and endless sunsets of Thundering Hearts and be part of it!

18. Greased Lightning – John Travolta

Greased Lightning is one of the funniest tracks in rock and roll history. Not only the incredible success of the musical but also Travolta’s vocal abilities are also high class.  

It is always a mystery to me how they could describe the atmosphere of the 50s with such perfectness. Greased Lightning is not the only car taken care of very well. It is a style and the mood will mesmerize you in only a few seconds!

19. The Lightning Strike – Snow Patrol

A song that employs the use of powerful and heartwarming lyrics right from the beginning to the end. “What if the storm ends and I don’t see you again…”.  

I guess these first few lines from the beginning have brought out tears from many eyes. To not lose someone, we can even accept the worst sometimes. This song depicts such a situation through well-composed music.

20. Thunder Peel – Beck

Beck’s strange short hidden jam might haunt you or make you feel great. There is no in-between. Music flirts with psychedelia and lyrics are almost apocalyptic.  

Except it is just about a love relationship! Honestly, I love this little tune that reflects some kind of a disturbing stomach ache.

21. Thunder Rolls- Garth Brooks

  • Artist: Garth Brooks
  • Song Name: Thunder Rolls
  • Year Released: 1991
  • From Album: No Fences
  • Play on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5XaZoZ4T1RYtx4HD4eKmIW

Thunder Rolls has delightful and clever lyrics written from the viewpoint of a storm observer. The music video of this song was bound due to some complaints that it was too violent.

Everyone came forward to submit petitions so the video was not banned. This was due to the uniqueness of the song.

This is of course an energetic song that captures the feelings of thunder fully. Might be too harsh for some, but highly recommended!

22. Thunder- Lana del Rey

Time to calm down a bit. This slow pop ballad is here to destroy all the previous expressions of thunder. The soft piano arpeggios and calming voice of Lana del Rey will melt your heart.

“You roll like thunder” is something nice to say to your lover if s/he is way too tempered and breaking your heart. This track is an invitation to calm waters.

23. Thunderstruck- AC/DC

According to several reviews by fans and music professionals, this particular song is one of Ac’s best vocal performances. An outstanding song that blends the aggressive use of energy and the power of thunder.  

It relates to the storm in a movie kind of way, making it perfect to listen many times without getting bored.  

The aggressive use of instruments in this track matches the striking effect of a thunder. Hence, if you want a cool resonating song, here is your cue.

24. Thunder Kiss ‘65- White Zombie

We turned back to rock maze with AC/DC, now it’s time to fly higher! One of the most popular heavy metal tunes out here, Thunder Kiss ‘65 has got some killer vocals and riffs. Lyrics though are a mystery.

For some, it is about the 1965 movie ‘’Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’’. It is also said that it is about Rob, a soloist who was born in the year 1965.  

If you want to get inside of thunder and listen to how it sounds over there, here is a chance!  

25. Lightning Strikes- Aerosmith

The last song on the list is another monumental classic rock hit. Lightning strikes with a short guitar intro. The sound of thunder rumbling arrives and you are ready to shake your head unconsciously!

According to the lyrics, lightning strikes will change everything. When lightning strikes, the evil will be unleashed and chains will be crushed. The prophetic and apocalyptic style of the lyrics suggests massive chaos.


That’s the end of your list. Well, it was like a storm including many flashes of lightning and thunder, wasn’t it? These two words have such an effect on us, that almost all the artists created highly energetic songs.  

The outcome of a ”lightning strike” may be negative or positive. Still, it is definitely something that brings us to ourselves.  

According to singers, lightning strikes and thunder can be a feeling, even a place to be. How does it feel for you after checking out all these great tracks? I hope you enjoyed the list. See you at the next one!

John Godfrey

John Godfrey is a music fanatic, as well as the owner of Songpier.com which provides music guides. In high school, he learned how to play the drums which inspired him to learn about rock music. He began to write articles for various music magazines and during this period he realized he had a passion for writing music descriptions. He has a Master's degree in music education from the University of Redlands.