20 Songs About The Moon

The moon has been a source of inspiration for many artists throughout history. From the ancient Greeks to modern-day pop stars, the moon has been an object of fascination and admiration. Its beauty and mystery have been celebrated in countless works of art and literature, and of course, in music.

In this article, we will be exploring 20 songs about the moon. From classic rock anthems to tender ballads, these songs capture the many facets of the moon and its influence on our lives. From the romantic to the whimsical, these songs will take you on a journey through the moon’s many mysteries and its power to inspire.

1. Liana Flores - Rises the moon (2019)

Artist: Liana Flores
Track name: Rises the moon
Album: recently
Release year: 2019

Rises the Moon by Liana Flores is a powerful and emotive track. With hypnotic beats and atmospheric vocals, the song creates an ethereal atmosphere and transports the listener. The lyrics paint a picture of a brief and beautiful moment of introspection, with a strong undertone of loss and longing. Without being overly sentimental the song captures the feeling of looking up at the night sky and finding peace. The sparse instrumentation and delicate vocals perfectly echo the dreamy, peaceful emotion of the song, making it a truly sophisticated and moving piece.

2. XXXTENTACION - Moonlight (2018)

Track name: Moonlight
Album: ?
Release year: 2018

Moonlight by XXXTENTACION from 2018 is a melancholic and slow-paced track. It starts with heartbreaking strings shortly joined by the singer's soft voice. The song contradicts its title in that it's filled with sadness and struggles rather than a sense of hope and light. It's about the rapper's inner struggles and his longing for something to carry him through his darkest moments. The turbulent, layered production is emboldened by a powerful chorus that has made its way into many people's hearts as an ode to the vulnerability of its artist. Moonlight is an emotional journey that can move even the most stoic of us.

3. Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon (2010)

Artist: Bruno Mars
Track name: Talking to the Moon
Album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans
Release year: 2010

Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars from 2010 is a slow, emotional song with a haunting melody. The rhythm and beat gives listeners a feeling of loneliness and longing. Through Bruno Mars's heartfelt voice, he conveys a sense of deep yearning. His words tell the story of someone unrequited love, ultimately learning to “let go” and finding peace in the knowledge that his love can still “shine down” on his beloved even in absence. This ballad captures the difficulty of love when there is no reciprocation, but it also serves as a reminder that time and distance won't extinguish feelings of love.

4. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (1969)

Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Track name: Bad Moon Rising
Album: Green River (Expanded Edition)
Release year: 1969

Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival is a classic rock song from 1969. It has a simple, folksy rhythm with quick, bright guitar picking that builds up to a rousing crescendo during the chorus. The song has a somewhat mysterious feeling to it, as if something bad but exciting were on the horizon. The lyrics imply that something bad is coming and we can either ignore it or prepare ourselves to face it. Despite its ominous message, it's an upbeat and even funny song. It's a classic that's still as enjoyable today as it was when it first came out.

5. Kina, Snow - Get You The Moon (feat. Snow) (2018)

Artist: Kina, Snow
Track name: Get You The Moon (feat. Snow)
Album: Get You The Moon (feat. Snow)
Release year: 2018

Get You The Moon (feat. Snow) by Kina, Snow is a beautiful, romantic love song. The upbeat melody and layered electronic production give the song an uplifting and dreamy feeling. The lyrics explore the power of love to reach great heights, even to get you the moon itself. The longing affected vocals of Kina and Snow add emotion and depth to the song, creating an overall atmosphere of tenderness, making it easy to connect with its message. To sum up, Get You The Moon (feat. Snow) is a romantic and inspiring take on the power of love.

6. Toploader - Dancing in the Moonlight (2000)

Artist: Toploader
Track name: Dancing in the Moonlight
Album: Onka's Big Moka
Release year: 2000

Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader is a classic indie-rock song from 2000. The track has a feel-good, relaxed atmosphere, with jangly guitars, a steady beat, and an uplifting melody. The lyrics focus on enjoying the present and making the most of life, with a simple but meaningful chorus of we get it almost every night, when that moon is big and bright, it's a supernatural delight, everybody's dancing in the moonlight. This lighthearted tune has a real sense of joy and optimism to it, making it a perfect song to dance away the night.

7. Jnr Choi, Sam Tompkins - TO THE MOON (2021)

Artist: Jnr Choi, Sam Tompkins
Track name: TO THE MOON
Release year: 2021

To the Moon by Jnr Choi and Sam Tompkins is a beautiful, uplifting song from 2021. The synths and chords create a mellow atmosphere that builds gradually from start to finish. It features heartfelt vocals that convey both of artists' feelings of longing and love. nnThere's an upbeat pop feeling to the song that also carries a sense of nostalgia. Its lyrics are all about chasing dreams, being resilient in the face of adversity and ultimately, aiming to reach new heights. The chorus of take me to the moon is the constant reminder that no one can bring you down if you keep looking up. nnThis inspiring track is sure to lift any listener's spirits with its heartfelt lyrics,

8. Chelsea Cutler - Men On The Moon (2022)

Artist: Chelsea Cutler
Track name: Men On The Moon
Album: Men On The Moon
Release year: 2022

Men On The Moon by Chelsea Cutler from 2022 is a beautiful track with aspects of synth-pop along with sad, emotional lyrics. The gentle electronic beat supports atmospheric soundscapes of longing and regret. The song shares a feeling of helplessness, understanding that all we have is each other for a moment in time. Lyrically, the song paints a picture of two people in love accepting that even when the world may fall apart, that love is enough to keep them safe. This melancholic masterpiece encourages us to cherish the precious moments that we get to spend with the people we love.

9. Kanye West - Moon (2021)

Artist: Kanye West
Track name: Moon
Album: Donda
Release year: 2021

Kanye West's Moon from 2021 is an inspiring track blending a mix of genres to create an electrifying sonic experience. Starting with a mellow, jazz-like piano-based intro, accompanied by subtle strings and buttressed with a hard-hitting beat, it quickly builds to a more upbeat, emotionally-driven chorus. It talks about not being able to find peace and wanting to search for it in the night sky. As the song progresses Kanye uses intricately-crafted verses and choirs in the backdrop to make his words come alive. It is a beautiful track and the climactic finish is sure to leave the listener with a sense of hope and inspiration.

10. Jubel, NEIMY - Dancing In The Moonlight (feat. NEIMY) (2018)

Artist: Jubel, NEIMY
Track name: Dancing In The Moonlight (feat. NEIMY)
Album: Dancing In The Moonlight (feat. NEIMY)
Release year: 2018

Dancing In The Moonlight (feat. NEIMY) is a vibrant and cheerful indie-dance hit from 2018 by Jubel and NEIMY. It's a bright and uplifting track full of optimism, featuring an infectious summery beat, bubbly synths, and a catchy vocal hook that can't help but make you want to dance in the moonlight. The song has a sweet and playful message about enjoying special moments outside and living life to the fullest, and its feel-good vibes make it perfect for enjoying those moments with the ones you love. It's a classic summer bop, full of contagious energy and good vibes.

11. anees - sun and moon (2022)

Artist: anees
Track name: sun and moon
Album: sun and moon
Release year: 2022

Sun and Moon by Anees is a beautiful, melancholic song with a gentle acoustic guitar and a light, trance-like beat. The lyrics explore themes of time and change, speaking of how we all have the power to choose the paths we take in life. The song creates a feeling of nostalgia and comfort, as if looking back on the past with imperfect but loving clarity. The singer's voice is soft, yet captivating and filled with emotion. The beautiful melody moves along with a dreamy, wistful air. This is a song about learning to live with yourself and to accept and even embrace the sadness and joy in life. It's a reminder to not be afraid— to go out and live your life

12. Mac DeMarco - Moonlight on the River (2017)

Artist: Mac DeMarco
Track name: Moonlight on the River
Album: This Old Dog
Release year: 2017

Moonlight on the River by Mac DeMarco is a mellow and peaceful track that captures the beauty of a romantic, starry night. Its thoughtful, unhurried guitar riffs, soft drums and lo-fi, dreamy vocal melodies create a warm and soothing atmosphere. Through its meaningful lyrics, this song memorably conveys the joy of spending a romantic evening with your loved one, under the natural spotlight of the moon. The true star of Moonlight on the River may be the ambient reverb extending its soundscape, adding a mesmerizing depth for listeners to feel closer to nature.

13. Chris Lane, Lauren Alaina - Dancin' In The Moonlight (feat. Lauren Alaina) (2022)

Artist: Chris Lane, Lauren Alaina
Track name: Dancin' In The Moonlight (feat. Lauren Alaina)
Album: Dancin' In The Moonlight (feat. Lauren Alaina)
Release year: 2022

Dancin' In The Moonlight (feat. Lauren Alaina) is an upbeat song released in 2022 by Chris Lane and Lauren Alaina. It has a bright, joyful melody with a sultry bass line and singing that rings with unbridled optimism. The song speaks of the moments when you lose yourself in the music and can't help but want to get up and dance. It's a triumphant tune about experienced the true joy of living and dancing the night away. Listeners feel the liberating energy and happiness; the message of the song is to enjoy the moment and let life's worries fade away. Whether it's falling in love or just going out to have a good time,

14. Harry Styles - Canyon Moon (2019)

Artist: Harry Styles
Track name: Canyon Moon
Album: Fine Line
Release year: 2019

Harry Styles' song Canyon Moon is a reflective and gentle ballad. A delicate fingerpicked guitar melody, captivating harmonies, and dream-like atmosphere provide the perfect backdrop for his musings on longing and connection. His voice is clear and soulful, with a sincerity and vulnerability that touches the heart. Despite the heavy themes of distance and grief, there is a beauty and peacefulness to the song that brings a sense of hope and optimism. The song recognises the beauty in our connection to each other, even when we are far apart.

15. Phoebe Bridgers - Moon Song (2020)

Artist: Phoebe Bridgers
Track name: Moon Song
Album: Punisher
Release year: 2020

Phoebe Bridgers' 2020 song, Moon Song, is an upbeat and catchy acoustic track. Bridgers' voice is sweet and airy, representing a gentle and hopeful sound with its light percussion and soothing guitar. It has a calming feeling that speaks to finding solace and peace in chaotic times. The lyrics carry a message of hope in her unquenchable will to continue to growing, evolve and seek light even on the darkest of nights. The song is a challenge to those who throw stones against those who exist and love openly, teaching us to never give up.

16. Frank Sinatra, Count Basie - Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (1962)

Artist: Frank Sinatra, Count Basie
Track name: Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
Album: Sinatra/Basie: The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings
Release year: 1962

Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words), a timeless jazz classic by Frank Sinatra and Count Basie is a true musical delight! Its smooth jazz beat and silky vocals paint a romantic dream atmosphere that's perfect for an intimate moment with a loved one. The lyrics speak of love, embracing the idea that no matter how far away someone is, love can transcend all boundaries. There is also a sense of hopefulness in the melody, giving a feeling of joy and yearning for a loved one that's far away. Such an upbeat, yet bittersweet song will make your much-missed loved one a bit closer yearning for them to ‘fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars'.

17. Brooks & Dunn - Neon Moon (2009)

Artist: Brooks & Dunn
Track name: Neon Moon
Album: #1s ... and then some
Release year: 2009

Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn is a heartbreaking song about a man who's been left lonely and alone in a place where he spent many loving nights with his partner. The melancholic melody and the warm steel guitars capture the feeling of missing someone as well as the longing for better times. The music creates an atmosphere of pure sadness, as the narrator believes his love will never be the same again. The song ignites feelings of sorrow and longing, but also offers a glimmer of hope for a happier future. Through the gentle sound of the song, the singers give their listeners a sense of comfort and understanding.

18. Alan Walker, Benjamin Ingrosso - Man On The Moon (2021)

Artist: Alan Walker, Benjamin Ingrosso
Track name: Man On The Moon
Album: World Of Walker
Release year: 2021

Man On The Moon by Alan Walker and Benjamin Ingrosso is a modern take on a classic love song. The track is a delightful blend of crisp electronic sounds and soulful melodic guitar lines, which give it a unique, modern feel. The ethereal, romantic lyrics capture the bittersweet journey of two people in love, and the depths of their feelings for each other. The song conveys a dreamy, melancholic atmosphere and is an uplifting tribute to hope and the power of love. It emphasizes the importance of staying together through all the highs and lows life throws at us.

19. dhruv - moonlight (2022)

Artist: dhruv
Track name: moonlight
Album: rapunzel
Release year: 2022

Moonlight by Dhruv from 2022 is a beautiful and mesmerizing song. The silky smooth melodic combination of drums, guitar, and piano creates a soft, ethereal atmosphere that draws you in and wraps you in peace and tranquility. The song's lyrical content speaks of the joys of simple moments, and how the small gestures of our lives can still bring beauty, even when everything around us is in chaos. Its meaning is one of hope, reassurance, and of embracing life no matter the circumstance. Moonlight by Dhruv from 2022 is a deeply moving piece that will stay with you long after it's through.

20. Nik Makino, Flow G - MOON (2022)

Artist: Nik Makino, Flow G
Track name: MOON
Release year: 2022

MOON by Nik Makino and Flow G from 2022 is a dreamy and reflective hip-hop track that seeks to capture the beauty of the night. With haunting yet melodic auto-tune vocals, the song creates an eery atmosphere around listeners. Interspersed through the beat are references to the night sky, hinting that the lyrics are as beautiful and mysterious as the stars. The song celebrates the feeling of being lost in thoughts late at night, surrounded by nothing but starlight and feeling of contentment. Through its heavy bass and offbeat drums, MOON manages to create a peaceful yet mindful atmosphere. With its slow tempo and meaningful lyrics, it offers a safe escape from the daily routine.

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