20 Songs About Texas

Texas has a long and proud history of producing some of the most iconic music in the world. From Willie Nelson to Selena, the Lone Star State has been a hotbed of musical talent for decades. But what about songs that are specifically about Texas? From country to rock, there are plenty of songs that capture the spirit of the Lone Star State.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 of the best songs about Texas. From classic country to modern rock, these songs capture the spirit of the Lone Star State in all its glory. From the rolling hills of the Hill Country to the bustling cities of Houston and Austin, these songs will make you want to pack up and head to Texas. So, if you’re looking for a soundtrack to your next Texas road trip, look no further than this list of 20 songs about Texas.

1. Khruangbin, Leon Bridges - Texas Sun (2020)

Artist: Khruangbin, Leon Bridges
Track name: Texas Sun
Album: Texas Sun
Release year: 2020

Texas Sun by Khruangbin and Leon Bridges is a slow, soulful song that draws inspiration from Soul, Country, and R&B. With mellow finger picking, a gentle slide guitar and a steady beat, the song creates a feeling of serenity and nostalgia. Bridges's soulful vocals guide the listener through an optimistic view of the American south and a longing for simpler days. He croons of sunshine and childhood memories, moving listeners with the beautiful imagery created by the music and lyrics. Ultimately, Texas Sun is an ode to those good times and a warmth of home.

2. BigXthaPlug - Texas (2022)

Artist: BigXthaPlug
Track name: Texas
Album: Texas
Release year: 2022

BigXthaPlug's song Texas is a nostalgic and dreamy look at our beloved Lone Star state. Set to a melodic backdrop, the song employs thoughtful and poetic lyrics that evoke feelings of hope, aspirations, and appreciation. The deep bass and delicate percussion combine to create an ambient atmosphere while the singer's passionate vocals tie each refrain together. The combination of dreamy harmonics and meaningful lyrics speaks to the importance of knowing where we come from and appreciates it. Texas is a reflective and calming tune that'd be a great addition to anyone's favorite playlist.

3. Sauce Walka, Travis Scott - Texas Cyclone (2019)

Artist: Sauce Walka, Travis Scott
Track name: Texas Cyclone
Album: Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2
Release year: 2019

Texas Cyclone by Sauce Walka and Travis Scott is an exciting hip-hop song from 2019. The catchy lyrics and impressive beat create an invigorating, high-energy atmosphere. The combination of Scott's auto-tuned vocals and Walka's hard-hitting rhymes make the song hard to ignore. The powerful, hardcore sound creates an empowering vibe with a message of standing firm and proud in the face of adversity. It venerates the state of Texas and its people, who stay strong and resilient no matter what comes their way. With its proud and uplifting style, Texas Cyclone is sure to be a hit.

4. Kevin Kaarl - Paris Texas (2022)

Artist: Kevin Kaarl
Track name: Paris Texas
Album: Paris Texas
Release year: 2022

Paris Texas by Kevin Kaarl is a magnificent song released in 2022. The soulful sound of the song will make you feel like you've been taken to an entirely different place. The calming guitar, deep piano and mellow drums provide the perfect atmosphere to create the beautiful story of Paris Texas that Kevin Kaarl has written. The passion and raw emotion of the song express a strong message which is to never give up when times get hard, as eventually it will always get better. The beautiful lyrics will make you understand that no matter what life throws your way, it's worth it to stay and fight. Paris Texas is a must listen, guaranteeing to be an all-time favorite.

5. Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson - Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) (feat. Willie Nelson) (1977)

Artist: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson
Track name: Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) (feat. Willie Nelson)
Album: Ol' Waylon
Release year: 1977

The song Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson from 1977 radiates a feeling of nostalgia and togetherness. With a gradually swelling rhythm, gentle guitar strums and two beautiful voices singing in harmony, the song takes the listener on a journey to a timeless, rural place of contentment and companionship. The song's message is that true happiness and love can be found when you forget all superficial trifles and go back to basics - simply enjoying the company of others and being present in the moment. This is why the song has stood the test of time and continues to be enjoyed today.

6. Whiskey Myers - Lonely East Texas Nights (2008)

Artist: Whiskey Myers
Track name: Lonely East Texas Nights
Album: Lonely East Texas Nights
Release year: 2008

Lonely East Texas Nights by Whiskey Myers is a melancholic country rock song from 2008. The song starts out with an acoustic guitar and a lead singer, who expresses feelings of loneliness and despair through his distant but sorrowful voice. The emotion is further supported by the steady rhythm of the drums and the banjo, which evokes a longing and desolate atmosphere. The lyrics paint a picture of someone living in a desolate and lonely place, desperate to find a way out. The combination of the instruments and vocals make Lonely East Texas Nights a powerful and emotional ballad, with a deep and important message.

7. George Strait - All My Ex's Live In Texas (1987)

Artist: George Strait
Track name: All My Ex's Live In Texas
Album: Ocean Front Property
Release year: 1987

All My Ex's Live in Texas by George Strait is a classic love song from 1987 that combines upbeat guitar riffs with a light-hearted country twang. The song has a light mood and catchy rhythm that will have you humming along in no time. Its playful lyrical story is about the singer reminiscing on lost love, conveying a message of accepting the end of a relationship. Despite its sad lyrics, the song works to remind us that some things just aren't meant to last and it's important to learn to move forward.

8. Mitski - Valentine, Texas (2022)

Artist: Mitski
Track name: Valentine, Texas
Album: Laurel Hell
Release year: 2022

Valentine, Texas by Mitski from 2022 is a heartfelt folk song with a beautiful melody and captivating vocals. The tenderness of the instrumentation and the soothing string section create a dreamy atmosphere. The lyrics tell a story of looking back on the past, wishing for what might have been, and finding strength to move on. It acts as an anthem for all those who feel they are constantly struggling with life's ups and downs. Heartbreaking and yet still optimistic, this is a timeless song that speaks to a deep, relatable emotion.

9. Mitski - Texas Reznikoff (2014)

Artist: Mitski
Track name: Texas Reznikoff
Album: Bury Me At Makeout Creek
Release year: 2014

Mitski's song Texas Reznikoff from 2014 is a hauntingly beautiful and melancholic track. With its melancholic melodies and swirling guitars, it just screams sadness and longing. The sound of the song evokes images of infinite spaces with a barren landscape that make us feel small and insignificant in comparison. The song's lyrics explore the idea of personal loss, longing for something that is missing, and letting go. There is a sense of beauty and ache that mirror the feelings of being lost and not knowing the future. Taken as a whole, the song is a raw and affecting look at the human struggles often felt after loss.

10. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood (1983)

Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Track name: Texas Flood
Album: Texas Flood (Legacy Edition)
Release year: 1983

Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan is an incredible blues piece from 1983. Instrumentally, it combines masterful guitar playing over a basic blues rhythm bass line, with a rolling snare drum adding a certain drive and tension. It all works together to create a melodic sound that works to match the emotional nature of the song. Lyrically, it speaks of the heartache and loneliness of a man whose love has left him, and longing to be reunited with her. The feeling of the song is one of anguish and anguish, yet with a hint of hope that things will eventually turn out alright. It's no wonder why it is so revered, as it captures the blues genre beautifully.

11. Little Texas - God Blessed Texas - Special Version (1995)

Artist: Little Texas
Track name: God Blessed Texas - Special Version
Album: Greatest Hits
Release year: 1995

God Blessed Texas - Special Version by Little Texas is an upbeat country song. The pounding drums and cheerful twang of the guitar create a feeling of energy and patriotism. The lyrics celebrate the state of Texas, hailing its beauty and charm. The chorus speaks of God's divine grace for Texas, as well as the hardworking people that call it home. The song is a tribute to the Lone Star State which evokes feelings of pride, nostalgia, and joy. It is a beloved classic among Texans and music fans everywhere.

12. Alabama - If You're Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band) (1980)

Artist: Alabama
Track name: If You're Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)
Album: Alabama Live
Release year: 1980

Alabama's 1980 hit song, “If You're Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)” is a lively country tune about hitting the road and playing music in Texas. The song is driven by an upbeat fiddle and contains a catchy chorus with joyful backing vocals. The sound conveys the energy of a live performance, which conveys its message of freedom and having a good time on the open road. The lyrics provide an invitation to explore a new and exciting place and follow one's heart and dreams. So, if you're feeling drawn to go to Texas, whether for music or adventure, it certainly won't hurt to have a

13. Pierce The Veil - Texas Is Forever (2016)

Artist: Pierce The Veil
Track name: Texas Is Forever
Album: Misadventures
Release year: 2016

Texas Is Forever by Pierce The Veil is a beautiful song that captures the spirit of Texas like no other. It has a catchy, upbeat melody that will make you want to move along to its rhythm. The bold and heroic lyrics tell a story of hope and courage and evoke a feeling of pride. The song's optimistic message is one that inspires its listeners to never lose their fight and never forget where they come from. The hard-edged rock guitar creates a powerful sound backing up the softer notes of the chorus which express the glory of Texas and its heroes. With catchy music, uplifting lyrics, and an inspiring message, Texas Is Forever will be sure to stay with its listeners long after the final note is played.

14. The Panhandlers, John Baumann, William Clark Green, Josh Abbott Band, Flatland Cavalry - West Texas in My Eye (2020)

Artist: The Panhandlers, John Baumann, William Clark Green, Josh Abbott Band, Flatland Cavalry
Track name: West Texas in My Eye
Album: The Panhandlers
Release year: 2020

West Texas in My Eye, the collaboration between The Panhandlers, John Baumann, William Clark Green, Josh Abbott Band, and Flatland Cavalry, is a song about contentment and belonging. Its sound is a combination of southern rock and country elements to create a warm, nostalgic atmosphere. The lyrics describe the familiarity of home, painting a picture of freedom and homecoming in the West Texas area. The instruments are uncomplicated, often adding to the sense of longing and comfort. The performance is heartfelt, allowing the listener to know just how meaningful and special the place is to the artists. With its catchy chorus and fulfilling lyrics, West Texas in My Eye inspires a feeling of joy and appreciation for the special places and people in

15. Josh Abbott Band - She's Like Texas (2010)

Artist: Josh Abbott Band
Track name: She's Like Texas
Album: She's Like Texas
Release year: 2010

She's Like Texas is a feel-good country song by Josh Abbott Band released in 2010. The song features a catchy rhythm and simple acoustic sounds. The lyrics tell the story of a woman and how she stands out among others. With vivid imagery, it expresses the immense admiration of this woman. The song is uplifting and conveys the importance and appreciation of true beauty. Listeners are able to feel the positive energy from the song as it speaks to the good qualities of the woman it sings about. It encourages and reminds that it is important to choose someone who is extraordinary and appreciates your worth and value.

16. Rosie Lowe - Paris, Texas (2021)

Artist: Rosie Lowe
Track name: Paris, Texas
Album: Now, You Know
Release year: 2021

The 2021 song called Paris, Texas by Rosie Lowe is a beautiful and solemn song. With soft guitar and delicate piano, you cannot help but feel a certain meditative and reflective atmosphere. The feeling of the song is raw, but also delicate and poetic. The lyrics tell the story of a journey of inner exploration and self-discovery. The song encourages the listener to grow, learn, and be better - to never feel pinned down and to keep going. It is an inspiring message of hope and courage. Overall, Paris, Texas is a stunning piece of musical art with meaning and emotion.

17. Seven Miles South - Texas Rain (2014)

Artist: Seven Miles South
Track name: Texas Rain
Album: Resurrection EP
Release year: 2014

Texas Rain by Seven Miles South from 2014 is a beautiful, soulful song. Its gentle acoustic guitar creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere, emphasizing the low-key emotion of the song. The lyrics reflect on a past relationship, sighing and yearning over lost love. The consistent drumbeat throughout makes this song optimistically solemn, as if looking forward to the next chance for happiness. The track carries sentiments of understanding and nostalgia - beautiful yet bittersweet. Listeners will be quickly captivated by this emotive, soulful journey, and the comfortingly familiar feelings of loss and hope.

18. The Mamas & The Papas - Snowqueen Of Texas (1971)

Artist: The Mamas & The Papas
Track name: Snowqueen Of Texas
Album: People Like Us
Release year: 1971

The Mamas & The Papas' 1970 hit Snowqueen of Texas is a lively, upbeat song about the heartache of unrequited love. Its happy melody and catchy chorus make for a memorable listening experience. The lyrics are about dreaming of a woman from Texas who has captured the singer's heart, but he knows that he will never be with her. Despite this sadness, the song has an inspiring message: don't lose hope, even when it seems impossible. Snowqueen of Texas is a perfect tune for those looking for a gentle reminder to never give up on love.

19. DaBaby - Walker Texas Ranger (2018)

Artist: DaBaby
Track name: Walker Texas Ranger
Album: Blank Blank
Release year: 2018

Walker Texas Ranger by DaBaby from 2018 is an upbeat and energetic hip-hop track with a strong, aggressive chorus. The song offers a message of self-assurance and fortitude, as DaBaby encourages his listeners to stand tall and never back down, despite whatever challenges and difficulties come their way. The booming bass lines and sharp hi-hats accentuate the rapper's energetic flow as he delivers his powerful lyricism. The fast-paced tempo creates an intense and captivating atmosphere, helping the listener to easily slip into the chorus and belt out their own energetically passionate rendition. Walker Texas Ranger is an inspiring song that encourages its listener to remain determined and unshaken in their conviction.

20. That Mexican OT - Texas Meskin (2021)

Artist: That Mexican OT
Track name: Texas Meskin
Album: Texas Meskin
Release year: 2021

That Mexican OT's 2021 single Texas Meskin is a woodsy, twangy ode to his Texan roots. The song kicks off with crunchy electric guitar strums and sets the tone for a laid-back, rootsy Southern country-rock tune. Lyrics capture the nostalgia of growing up in Texas, as OT croons about summer days spent fishing, swimming, and drinkin' like a Texan. The upbeat melody and honky-tonk rhythms make it clear that Texas Meskin is a love letter to the Lone Star State — a celebration of Texas life, nostalgia, and freedom. Although the song's main focus is on Texas, its heartfelt lyrics, sing-along chorus, and bouncing beat

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