20 Songs About Montana

Montana is a beautiful state with a rich culture and history. It is home to some of the most stunning natural sights in the United States, and its culture has been celebrated in music for decades. From traditional folk songs to modern pop hits, there is no shortage of songs about Montana.

This article will take a look at 20 of the best songs about Montana. From classic country tunes to indie rock anthems, these songs capture the spirit of Montana and the people who call it home. Whether you’re a native Montanan or just a visitor, these songs will transport you to the Big Sky Country. So, grab your headphones and get ready to explore the sounds of Montana!

1. Chief Keef - Tony Montana Flow (2022)

Artist: Chief Keef
Track name: Tony Montana Flow
Album: Tony Montana Flow
Release year: 2022

Tony Montana Flow from Chief Keef's 2022 album is a groovy, upbeat song with a powerful bass line. The song's catchy flow and braggadocious lyrics convey a feeling of empowerment and booming confidence. The song's musicality gives it an upbeat and edgy atmosphere, mirroring the rapper's badass attitude. With lyrics that talk about exceeding expectations and rising to the top, Tony Montana Flow is sure to fire up listeners with its hard-hitting beats and confident lyrical themes. Chief Keef's fans can expect an uplifting and fun song with a take-no-prisoners attitude.

2. Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump, Zhavia - Welcome to the Party (with French Montana & Lil Pump, feat. Zhavia Ward) - from Deadpool 2 (2018)

Artist: Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump, Zhavia
Track name: Welcome to the Party (with French Montana & Lil Pump, feat. Zhavia Ward) - from Deadpool 2
Album: Welcome to the Party (with French Montana & Lil Pump, feat. Zhavia Ward) [from Deadpool 2]
Release year: 2018

Welcome to the Party is an upbeat, uplifting track from the 2018 movie Deadpool 2. Featuring Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump, and Zhavia, the song combines rap and pop to create a lively beat that is sure to make you want to dance. The song's message is all about having a good time and embracing life's opportunities. The opening lyrics “we just got started, you can go hard or you can go home” set the tone for a party atmosphere, and make it clear that this song is about living life to the fullest. The catchy chorus and chorus build up to a booming climax sure to get you singing along. This anthemic party track will have you feeling energ

3. Calin - Hannah Montana (2022)

Artist: Calin
Track name: Hannah Montana
Release year: 2022

Released in 2022, Calin's song 'Hannah Montana' is a feel-good track that celebrates female empowerment and friendship. The rhythm is infectious and is sure to make you want to move. Calin's vocal delivery is both sassy and rhymical, conveying an upbeat and lively energy. The song's lyric message is reflective of the importance of staying connected with friends despite any difficulties or struggles life may bring. The message is delivered in an uplifting and encouraging way so the listener can feel empowered and ready to take on the world. 'Hannah Montana' is an inspiring and positive track that is sure to lift your spirits.

4. Agust D, Yankie - Tony Montana (2016)

Artist: Agust D, Yankie
Track name: Tony Montana
Album: Agust D
Release year: 2016

Agust D and Yankie's song 'Tony Montana' from 2016 is an upbeat and energetic hip-hop track. The song carries a lot of enthusiasm and has a hook to make it stand out. The beat provides an upbeat rhythm in the background and the rapping gives a certain swagger. Lyrically, the song is about Agust D and Yankie rising up to power, just like Tony Montana, who was the protagonist in the movie Scarface. It's a celebration of ambition, fame and money and their desire to have it all. The song is a great listen and it's sure to give off positive vibes.

5. Marco Calone - Montana & Maradona (2022)

Artist: Marco Calone
Track name: Montana & Maradona
Album: Montana & Maradona
Release year: 2022

Montana & Maradona by Marco Calone from 2022 is a unique and captivating song. With a vivid, intense beat and Maradona's voice singing in Spanish, the song invokes a sense of freedom and the power of life. Its words speak of the relationship between Maradona and Montana, the artist's beloved home country. The song is an uplifting anthem of unity and unconditional love. By bringing together two powerful symbols of Latin America and celebrating their symbiosis, the track reflects the diversity of humanity and its potential to be greater than the sum of its parts. The powerful message of hope is sure to stick with listeners long after the song has ended.

6. GACEK, ESTE, VAYTO, DJ DAXSHADOW - HANA MONTANA - Vayto & Dj Daxshadow Remix (2022)

Track name: HANA MONTANA - Vayto & Dj Daxshadow Remix
Album: HANA MONTANA (Vayto & Dj Daxshadow Remix)
Release year: 2022

HANA MONTANA - Vayto & Dj Daxshadow Remix by GACEK, ESTE, VAYTO and DJ DAXSHADOW is a bright and energetic track from 2022. Upbeat synths and rhythmic drums sweep through the soundscape and vibrate with positive energy, creating a buoyant atmosphere perfect for a good time. With its catchy, melodic chorus and emotive rap verses, this song serves as an ode to the joys of life, dancing the night away and having fun. The true beauty of HANA MONTANA though, is that it resonates with all age groups - a true summer anthem to enjoy together. nnBy combining elements of rap and pop,

7. Dan Seals, Marie Osmond - Meet Me In Montana (1985)

Artist: Dan Seals, Marie Osmond
Track name: Meet Me In Montana
Album: Won't Be Blue Anymore
Release year: 1985

Meet Me in Montana by Dan Seals and Marie Osmond is an infectious and upbeat country song. It is bursting with a jubilant and languid feel that tells the story of two lovers desperately longing for each other. The instruments involved create a joyous atmosphere with an entrancing melody and cheerful guitars. The unforgettable chorus is a fond reflection of the deep love the two singers share. Despite the geographical distance between them, the song conveys their strong connection, exemplifying the power of true love. The lyrics express their hope to overcome the barriers of distance and reunite in Montana. This simple yet powerful love story will enchant its listeners and remind them of their own romances.

8. Michigander, Gabrielle Grace, moony, Abby Holliday - Snow in Montana (2022)

Artist: Michigander, Gabrielle Grace, moony, Abby Holliday
Track name: Snow in Montana
Album: Snow in Montana
Release year: 2022

Snow in Montana is a beautiful collaborative piece by Michigander, Gabrielle Grace, Moony, and Abby Holliday. Released in 2022, this song conveys an emotion of peace and joy. The sound of the music is mellow and gentle, with a hint of folk blended in with modern-day vibes. The track is driven by the harmonizing vocals from the four artists and delicate instruments. The slow yet steady-paced melody paints the picture of a snowscaped rural landscape. Despite its serene sounding, the lyrics show a deeper message of comfort and care amidst the challenges life brings. It's a truly unique song that captures the notion of hope and strength in times of hardship.

9. Calin - Hannah Montana VIP (2022)

Artist: Calin
Track name: Hannah Montana VIP
Release year: 2022

Hannah Montana VIP by Calin from 2022 is an upbeat and fun song with belty pop vocals. The song is about wearing a VIP attitude and encourages listeners to shake off their worries, seize the moment and live in the now. It's an expression of love for life and a reminder that everyone is a VIP and should feel proud of themselves. The catchy chorus is backed with driving rhythm, uplifting lyrics and a soaring melody. An empowering and empowering anthemic track, Hannah Montana VIP's winning combination makes it an instant favourite.

10. Boldy James, The Alchemist, Benny The Butcher - Brickmile To Montana (2021)

Artist: Boldy James, The Alchemist, Benny The Butcher
Track name: Brickmile To Montana
Album: Bo Jackson
Release year: 2021

Brickmile To Montana is a hard-hitting collaboration between Boldy James, The Alchemist, and Benny The Butcher released in 2021. It's a thrilling blended trap and hip-hop banger that'll have you hooked from the start. Filled with deep and dark synths, this track keeps you mesmerized with its haunting loop and guttural bass line. The lyrics are cleverly written and express the trials and tribulations of their respective journeys – from the gritty street hustle to the promise of a better life. It paints a vivid picture of the urban experience and encapsulates the power of the collective pursuit of greatness. This intense journey will bring listeners face to face with profound emotions.

11. Mata - Mata Montana (2020)

Artist: Mata
Track name: Mata Montana
Album: 100 dni do matury
Release year: 2020

Mata Montana by Mata is a thrilling and up-tempo track released in 2020. With its bright beats and Mama Africa-style chanting, the song has a vibrant and inspiring feel. The uplifting riffs and soulful melody will leave you feeling energized and full of hope. Through its lyrics of resilience, perseverance, and attitude, it encourages us to never give up in the face of adversity. Mata Montana is a song of empowerment and will have you dancing in no time.

12. SKT, Marco OnTheBeat - TONY MONTANA (2022)

Artist: SKT, Marco OnTheBeat
Track name: TONY MONTANA
Release year: 2022

Toni Montana by SKT, Marco OnTheBeat is a song for the independent hustlers. It has an energetic beat that reflects the hustle and bustle of street life. The chorus is catchy, with a cool trap sound that motivates and inspires listeners to have faith and keep working hard. The lyrics express the importance of never giving up and achieving success through hard work. The song has an uplifting, inspiring message and its unique sound make it perfect for late-night drives and workouts. It's a reminder that no matter what the goal is, with hard work and dedication, anything is achievable.

13. Lil 2z - 2z Montana (2020)

Artist: Lil 2z
Track name: 2z Montana
Album: Ashes 2 Ashes
Release year: 2020

Lil 2z's song 2z Montana is an epic rap and hip-hop fusion that will bring out the party animal in anyone. The beat is heavy, hard-hitting and full of energy, while the lyrics tell the story of a rapper living it up in Montana. The song has a great feel-good energy, with a beat that makes you want to get up and move, and the rhymes and flows Lil 2z displays won't let listeners stay still. The lyrics also paint a picture of a life of luxury, and of how, even in that kind of lifestyle, it all still comes down to the music. It's a song that celebrates the freedom and unity of having a great time with friends backed

14. Los Canelos De Durango - El Senor de la Montana (2014)

Artist: Los Canelos De Durango
Track name: El Senor de la Montana
Album: 10 Aniversario
Release year: 2014

El Senor de la Montana by Los Canelos De Durango from 2014 is a upbeat and lively corrido based on a true story. The song is easy to sing along to with its anthemic mix of accordions and drums. The lyrics depict a group of men who, after being wronged, seek revenge and justice from the lord of the mountain. This narrative carries a strong message of loyalty and courage and passing down of history from generation to generation. The text and the music merge to create a lively and spirited song, perfect for dancing the night away.

15. Daya - Montana (2021)

Artist: Daya
Track name: Montana
Album: Montana
Release year: 2021

Montana by Daya is a song that captures the feeling of letting go and embracing change. It has an easygoing, upbeat melody, with an accompanying joyous chorus that rises and falls to create a great emotive atmosphere. Lyrically, the song contains deeply personal and heartfelt images, exploring themes of facing the unknown and learning to be present in every moment. The lyrics weave together to create a deeply uplifting and inspiring message about facing life's challenges with confidence and optimism. Montana by Daya is sure to be an inspiring and soothing track to listen to.

16. Megan Thee Stallion - Tina Montana (2018)

Artist: Megan Thee Stallion
Track name: Tina Montana
Album: Tina Snow
Release year: 2018

Megan Thee Stallion's 2018 hit single Tina Montana is an empowering hip-hop anthem about female strength and independence. With a hard-hitting, upbeat beat and a catchy chorus, it is bound to get you motivated to tackle any challenge that comes your way. The song celebrates the determination and fire of every woman who works hard and never gives up. Megan's motivating and inspiring lyrics are sure to make you proud of who you are and all you can do. Tina Montana is truly an anthem that reminds you that you can achieve anything when you believe in yourself and work hard.

17. Mula B - MOES MONTANA (2022)

Artist: Mula B
Track name: MOES MONTANA
Release year: 2022

Mula B's song Moes Montana from 2022 delivers a unique blend of acoustic soul and rhythm and blues, coupled with a bright production. Its uplifting beat carries a powerful message of hope, inspiring listeners to find their purpose and it get them through hard times. The song has a sunny and upbeat vibe that encourages people to seize the moment and live life to its fullest. The meaningful lyrics explore topics of ambition and resilience, and their impact on life and relationships. With a catchy chorus and contagious energy, this soulful jam is sure to carry your mood and linger in your mind.

18. John Denver, Emmylou Harris - Wild Montana Skies (1983)

Artist: John Denver, Emmylou Harris
Track name: Wild Montana Skies
Album: It's About Time
Release year: 1983

Wild Montana Skies by John Denver, Emmylou Harris (1983) is an incredibly moving song. Its gentle guitar and lyrical melodies evoke an emotion of utter peace and reflection. Denver's vocals are warm and involved, while Harris' sweet, ethereal sounds bring a unique energy to the track. The content of the lyrics is uplifting, reminding us of the beauty of the world and the courage of our human spirit. The chorus' words of hope and freedom truly bring the song to life, filling the listener with a bittersweet admiration for the extraordinary world we live in. It's a timeless classic that will hold its emotion for generations to come.

19. GASHI, French Montana, DJ Snake, QUIX - Creep On Me (feat. French Montana & DJ Snake) - QUIX Remix (2018)

Artist: GASHI, French Montana, DJ Snake, QUIX
Track name: Creep On Me (feat. French Montana & DJ Snake) - QUIX Remix
Album: Creep On Me (Remixes) (feat. French Montana & DJ Snake)
Release year: 2018

Creep On Me (feat. French Montana & DJ Snake) - QUIX Remix by GASHI, French Montana, DJ Snake, QUIX from 2018 is a chaotic yet mysterious mix of rap and electronic rhythms. It has an aggressive energy, pairing GASHI's hard-hitting rhymes with French Montana and DJ Snake's production. The dark and heavy drums quickly become an energetic beat, complete with wailing synths that drive the song forward. The booming chorus brings a sense of power and dominance, yet there is the underlying dread of the not-so-subtle warnings. Themes of insecurity, paranoia, and fear are brought to the surface and addressed in the raw and honest lyrics. The ultimate message of

20. Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz, French Montana, Mustard - Paranoid (feat. Trey Songz, French Montana & DJ Mustard) - Remix (2014)

Artist: Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz, French Montana, Mustard
Track name: Paranoid (feat. Trey Songz, French Montana & DJ Mustard) - Remix
Album: Beach House EP
Release year: 2014

Paranoid (feat. Trey Songz, French Montana & DJ Mustard) - Remix by Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz, French Montana, Mustard released in 2014 is an up-tempo, electronic-style rap song. With claps and a catchy beat, this upbeat track will definitely get you moving. Trey Songz, French Montana and Ty Dollar $ign rap about the kind of trust issues and insecurities that can arise when relationships become complicated. They try to reassure a partner that they don't need to worry. This rap hit also reflects a commitment to staying together, despite the struggles and doubts that things will eventually turn out alright. With its infectious rhythm and clever lyrics, this upbeat rap hit

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