20 Songs About Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world. From its stunning beaches to its lush green valleys, it is a paradise that has inspired many songs. Music has always been an important part of Hawaiian culture, and many of the most popular songs about Hawaii capture the beauty and spirit of the islands.

In this article, we’ll explore 20 of the most iconic songs about Hawaii. From classic Hawaiian tunes to modern hits, these songs will transport you to the islands and remind you of the beauty and culture of Hawaii. So grab your ukulele and get ready to explore some of the best songs about Hawaii.

1. Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii (2020)

Artist: Katy Perry
Track name: Harleys In Hawaii
Album: Smile
Release year: 2020

Harleys In Hawaii by Katy Perry is a joyous and uplifting song. It has a relaxed-sounding, upbeat rhythm and strong, melodic elements. The lyrics are full of optimism and nostalgia, as they tell of a love gone but still longed for. The song creates a bright, summery atmosphere and is the ultimate ode to feeling free, according to Perry. The meaning of the song is simple: no matter how much time has passed, the memories of shared moments can still make you happy. All in all, Harleys In Hawaii is an incredibly cheerful song that brings out all the best in its listeners.

2. Calle 13 - Muerte En Hawaii (2010)

Artist: Calle 13
Track name: Muerte En Hawaii
Album: Entren Los Que Quieran
Release year: 2010

Calle 13's song Muerte En Hawaii from 2010 has a unique sound with its mix of electric cumbia and rumba. The somewhat mysterious tune and Latin style percussion create an eerie atmosphere, transporting you to the titular site. Despite the title and foreboding sound, the song is actually about finding a sense of freedom at a tropical island paradise. It's a reminder to take time for yourself to escape and find peace among the beauty of nature. Muerte En Hawaii is a captivating exploration of a freedom of the mind and soul.

3. Ummet Ozcan, le Shuuk - Toast Hawaii (2020)

Artist: Ummet Ozcan, le Shuuk
Track name: Toast Hawaii
Album: Toast Hawaii
Release year: 2020

Toast Hawaii is a vibrant and energetic EDM track from Ummet Ozcan, le Shuuk released in 2020. It features an easy-to-listen-to, upbeat melody complemented by steady beats and driving arps. Its tropical-like synths, upbeat drums, and melodic tropical vocals create a festive and summery atmosphere that makes the listener feel like they are taking a break from reality. The lyrics are uplifting and positive, expressing the joy of living life and letting go of any worries. Overall, Toast Hawaii is a feel-good EDM song that is sure to make you want to dance and toast to life.

4. Ziggy Marley - Beach in Hawaii (2006)

Artist: Ziggy Marley
Track name: Beach in Hawaii
Album: Love Is My Religion
Release year: 2006

Ziggy Marley's 2006 song Beach In Hawaii is a light and relaxed tropical reggae track that blends intricate band instrumentals with delicate island inspired melodies. The uplifting energy of the song creates a feeling of joy and freedom and captures the beauty of the Hawaiian landscape. Its lyrics talk about letting go and surrendering to the flow of life, with the singer encouraging the listener to enjoy the little carefree moments and appreciate them fully. The infectious chorus of I want to be free, free to be me is a perfect reflection of the sentiment of the song and leaves the listener with a positive vibe.

5. Summer Salt - Driving to Hawaii (2014)

Artist: Summer Salt
Track name: Driving to Hawaii
Album: Driving to Hawaii
Release year: 2014

Driving To Hawaii by Summer Salt is a soft indie-pop tune with smooth acoustic guitars and a breezy beat. The track is a lighthearted and uplifting song, as the singer is literally driving to Hawaii. The instrumentals evoke a tranquil summer day and the peaceful energy of vacation. The lyrics express a feeling of relaxation and contentment, and the overall message of this song is to stay positive and be content with your life. It's a perfect track for the beach or for a summer road trip.

6. slowed + reverb tazzy, sad songs, Tazzy - harleys in hawaii - slowed + reverb (2022)

Artist: slowed + reverb tazzy, sad songs, Tazzy
Track name: harleys in hawaii - slowed + reverb
Album: harleys in hawaii - slowed + reverb
Release year: 2022

Harleys in Hawaii - slowed + reverb by slowed + reverb tazzy, sad songs is a beautiful and haunting song that captures the bittersweet emotions of the heart. Slow, gentle guitars evoke the tranquility of Hawaii while the reverb-drenched vocals add a sense of depth and longing. The lyrics describe a person's longing for a lost love in a distant place and offer solace in the beauty of far away landscapes. The melancholic melody and lush instrumentation draw the listener in and lend a feeling of peace and clarity as the song progresses. Harleys in Hawaii - slowed + reverb by slowed + reverb tazzy, sad songs is a captivating journey within a soul searching for peace in the chaos

7. Mecano - Hawaii-Bombay (1984)

Artist: Mecano
Track name: Hawaii-Bombay
Album: Ya Viene el Sol (Bonus Tracks Edition)
Release year: 1984

Hawaii-Bombay by Mecano from 1984 is an upbeat, joyful synth-pop song that evokes a feeling of freedom and fun. With catchy music and an infectious chorus, the song invites you to relax and forget your troubles. The lyrics tell a story of two young people wanting to escape from their ordinary lives and explore the world. It expresses the longing for adventure and finding your own place in life. With a positive melody and encouraging lyrics, Hawaii-Bombay is the perfect song for inspiring and uplifting the listener.

8. Toby Rose, XYSM - Beach In Hawaii (2022)

Artist: Toby Rose, XYSM
Track name: Beach In Hawaii
Album: Beach In Hawaii
Release year: 2022

Beach In Hawaii by Toby Rose, XYSM from 2022 is a vibrant and uplifting song that celebrates the beauty of Hawaii through its mellow reggae-style rhythm. The song captures the joy of the sun soaking its warmth on your skin, the vibrant colors of the rainbow, and the ocean breezes kissing your face. With its meaningful lyrics and uplifting beats, this song encourages listeners to take a break from their daily lives and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. It serves as a reminder to slow down and cherish each moment spent with loved ones, as every memorable moment is what life is made of.

9. Old Dominion - Hawaii (2021)

Artist: Old Dominion
Track name: Hawaii
Album: Time, Tequila & Therapy
Release year: 2021

Old Dominion's latest single Hawaii tells an endearing love story. With its catchy melody and playful instrumentation, the track captures the carefree feeling of an island getaway. Lyrics like treat you like a vacation, just like in Hawaii really get the message across. The song is lighthearted and brings to mind the tranquility and beauty of a sun-drenched beach. But at its core, the song is a meditation on the power of unconditional love and the importance of cherishing those we love most.

10. The Ventures - Hawaii Five-O (1969)

Artist: The Ventures
Track name: Hawaii Five-O
Album: Hawaii Five-O
Release year: 1969

The Ventures' 1969 song Hawaii Five-O has an exciting, driving beat that makes you want to get up and move. The instrumental rock track features distinctive guitar sound that gives an upbeat and positive vibe of the islands. The tropical sound of the song transports the listener to a faraway paradise of sandy beaches, warm ocean breezes, and swaying palms. The playful melodies and pounding rhythms evoke young, carefree days and the idea of escape and adventure. With its captivating sound and symbolic representation of freedom, Hawaii Five-O has been a classic favorite for over fifty years.

11. Rithick J - Gimme More X Harleys in Hawaii (2022)

Artist: Rithick J
Track name: Gimme More X Harleys in Hawaii
Album: Gimme More X Harleys in Hawaii
Release year: 2022

Gimme More X Harleys in Hawaii by Rithick J from 2022 is an epic tune that'll have you reaching for the stars. Its rolling beats and cruising rhythm take you on a serene journey, until it crashes into waves of grandiose electric guitars and synth sounds. Every sound captures the vibrant and passionate flavor of the Hawaiian islands. Lyrically, a song of longing and hope, it symbolizes the courage and ambition to reach your dreams no matter how far they may seem. Every listen of this song is sure to ignite a bit of magic and inspiration.

12. Stick Figure - Hawaii Song (2009)

Artist: Stick Figure
Track name: Hawaii Song
Album: Smoke Stack
Release year: 2009

Hawaii Song by Stick Figure (2009) is a peaceful, uplifting song full of love and appreciation for the islands of Hawaii. Incorporating classic reggae sounds with a hint of island vibes, Hawaii Song is a beautiful composition that washes away stress and worries like the tides of the ocean. Listening to the song, you can practically feel the warm, salty breeze in your face and the sunshine on your skin. With its chill and mellow feel, the song is filled with admiration for Hawaii and its culture, making it the perfect car ride soundtrack for your next summer vacation.

13. Trailerpark - Koks auf Hawaii (2014)

Artist: Trailerpark
Track name: Koks auf Hawaii
Album: Crackstreet Boys 3 (Bonus Tracks Version)
Release year: 2014

Koks auf Hawaii by Trailerpark from 2014 is an upbeat and carefree rap track. It's a catchy tune that uses humorous lyrics to evoke a 'seaside' vibe and convey the idea of being able to forget one's worries and just have a good time. The music of the song is cheerful and tropical, making you feel like you are in a relaxed and happy place. The overall message of the song is to be chill and enjoy the moment. It is a perfect summer tune that encourages letting go and having some fun under the sun.

14. Connor Kelly & The Time Warp - Hawaii Mustang (2018)

Artist: Connor Kelly & The Time Warp
Track name: Hawaii Mustang
Album: Informal Conversations
Release year: 2018

Connor Kelly & The Time Warp's song 'Hawaii Mustang' from 2018 has the classic vibe of the 50s with a modern twist. The music is melodic, upbeat and has a splash of Hawaiian influences. The lyrics tell the story of being in love, from the 'longing for you everyday' to belting out 'you're my paradise'. The song is full of joy and passion, its emotion stirring within the listener. 'Hawaii Mustang' is about falling in love and having a cultural experience even if you're not directly in the situation or place. It's an invitation to take on an adventure with someone you love and cherish.

15. Kolohe Kai - Good Morning Hawaii (2014)

Artist: Kolohe Kai
Track name: Good Morning Hawaii
Album: Paradise
Release year: 2014

Good Morning Hawaii by Kolohe Kai is a bright and uplifting beach jam. With its bright and crisp electric guitar riffs, sweeping background harmonies, and a catchy ukulele lead melody, the sound of this track is sure to make any listener smile. It speaks to the joys of life in Hawaii, celebrating everything from the sunshine to the surfing and of course, the good people. With its lighthearted approach and feel-good vibes, this song will have you wishing you could be there for the next big wave.

16. Hania Rani - Hawaii Oslo (2019)

Artist: Hania Rani
Track name: Hawaii Oslo
Album: Esja
Release year: 2019

Hania Rani's Hawaii Oslo from 2019 is a wonderful blend of heartfelt emotion and beautiful music. Its slow, contemplative atmosphere creates an intense atmosphere as a piano melody weaves around a wistful, atmospheric vocal track. The song speaks of a longing for a far away place, with a mix of melancholy and hopefulness. The gentle, pitter-patter of drums and a delicate guitar help to create a layered, dreamlike soundscape. The lyrics have a powerful undertone that speaks to hopes and desires being realized, no matter how far away they may seem. The result is a unique and powerful track that speaks of far away places and reaching each other despite the distance between.

17. Elvis Presley - Blue Hawaii (1961)

Artist: Elvis Presley
Track name: Blue Hawaii
Album: Blue Hawaii
Release year: 1961

Blue Hawaii by Elvis Presley is an iconic song from 1961 with a mellow, dreamy feel that transports you to a distant, sunny beach. Upbeat ukulele strumming and Elvis' velvety vocals blend together in perfect harmony. The song's nostalgic lyrics evoke a beautiful sentiment about longing for the islands and finding solace in the memory of a loved one. With a classic bridge that hints at the Hawaiian influence, Blue Hawaii is a joyous listening experience that makes your spirits soar. It's the perfect soundtrack to a romantic evening or a carefree day of watching the waves roll in.

18. purpl - HAWAII (2020)

Artist: purpl
Track name: HAWAII
Release year: 2020

Purpl's new song Hawaii is an inviting, warm and dreamy soundscape that transports the listener away from everyday life. Its beat is smooth and melodic, with soft synth horns and steel drums that create a sense of vacation-like freedom. The lyrics paint an idyllic picture beginning with No bad news, it won't get here, we got some time. It speaks of hope, forgetting pain, and letting go while celebrating life. The song speaks to the listener of the beauty of life, joy, and taking a moment to appreciate the present. With its beautiful melody and thought-provoking lyrics, Hawaii is a timeless classic.

19. Pastel, Bagira - toast hawaii (2022)

Artist: Pastel, Bagira
Track name: toast hawaii
Album: toast hawaii
Release year: 2022

Toast Hawaii by Pastel, Bagira from 2022 is an uplifting, delightful track. It is a vibrant combination of dance beats and electronic sounds intertwined with melodic vocal chants. The beat is infectious and the energy of the song creates an exuberant feeling in the air. The song is an ode to life and a celebration of joy as its lyrics convey a moment of pure bliss. Its meaningful message is to embrace the moments that bring us together and toast its beauty and delight. Toast Hawaii is certain to get you up and dancing around your living room.

20. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra - Hawaii 5-0 (2002)

Artist: The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra
Track name: Hawaii 5-0
Album: 100 Greatest TV Themes
Release year: 2002

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra's rendition of the song Hawaii 5-0 brings back fond memories of a simpler time. The iconic beat drives the passion of the strings and horns as the song builds to a climax before dropping off into a tropically-inspired rhythm. The bright sounds of the instruments combine together to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and relaxation. Despite the upbeat rhythm and fast tempo, the song also carries a powerful message of hope and resilience. With its catchy tune and meaningful message, it's no wonder Hawaii 5-0 is among the most popular classic themes ever written.

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