25 Amazing Songs About Family

Some are about celebrating family love or working hard for the Family. Others are on a broken family relationship or how fun and strange of a concept it is. 

Let’s not waste time and check out our list of songs about family relationships!

1. Family Man – Fleetwood Mac (1987)

We begin with one of the sweetest songs on the list. A heartwarming melody from the 80s. Family Man is constructed with moving beats and the cutest selections of guitar tones.

 The lyrics are simple. A man seems like taking a walk and thinking of life with each step. Each time the point he reaches is that “He is a family man,” and that’s the place he feels right.  

2. Family is Family” – Kacey Musgraves (2015)

This other touching, lovely little tune is lesser-known but recommended. The fast tempo country atmosphere of the music fits perfectly with the humorous lyrics and the chilling vocals. 

The song is realistic, though. It does not only say that families are our protectors, but it also mentions issues that might occur. Still, as its lyrics say, “You don’t get to pick ’em.”  

3. Blended Family – Alicia Keys (2016)

A popular hit from the late 2010s, Blended Family, is a tune that touches on sensitive issues and life lessons. Yet one can only describe the music as relaxing. 

Here we see a stepmother figure explaining all the hard times. “To feel like a family, you do not need kinship” is the central theme. 

Alicia Keys performs very well. This is also one of the songs where her vocal abilities are in the best terms of her career. 

4. Precious” – Depeche Mode (2005)

Precious is a beautiful tune that gives a glimpse of the 80s Depeche Mode retro feeling. The musical and vocal material is excellent, as always. 

The lyrics seem to be written from a youth perspective. Loss of innocence caused by an abusive family told with strong emotions. It is emotional yet still holds the rage you’d expect from Depeche Mode.  

5. Family – Amy Grant (1980)

A signature song from 1980, Family is one of the most vital expressions of unity and peace. The music is also peaceful and built upon the calming guitar rhythms of Grant’s velvet voice.

 The Family here can be any of us; it is the Family of all humanity that turns back home every day.

6. Family Business – Kanye West (2004)

There are many rap tunes about Family too. This one by K.West is indeed impressive. So many aspects of growing up, self-esteem, and abusive Family are mentioned in the lyrics. 

It is not easy to express so much in such a short time. This goes for music too. A piano loop surrounds the music while back-vocal entrances strengthen the words. A great tune from the early years of “Ye.”

7. Animal Instinct” – The Cranberries (1999)

Animal Instinct is the unforgettable anthem of many who have had family issues. Nothing can make us happier than a family feeling. 

Yet nobody can break our hearts heavier than family members. If it is a failed family relationship, children will be affected the most. 

With its lyrics and unforgettable video clip, this song tells us that reality. No wonder this is one of the greatest songs of the Irish band for me. 

8. Family Affair – Sly And The Family Stone (1971)

Family Affair promises a wonderful soul experience, one of the most visionary tunes. It almost knocks on the doors of R&B! The lyrics are also lovely and realistic. 

Families are not easy on our feelings, yet this is how they move on. Sometimes it might be challenging due to the generation gap, but home is the place to be.  

9. Daddy Sang Bass – Johnny Cash (1968)

This song is country music at its best with Johnny Cash. Most of the time, Daddy Sang Bass is a song heard in three parts, and you feel like the back vocals are the other family members.

The concept here is the loss of a family member and how the family circle is never broken. How do you describe such tragic events in the most naive way? Well, that’s the genius of Johnny Cash.

10. Family – TobyMac (2012)

This is a tune classified as “Christian rock.” As you might guess, it gives some important life lessons and positive messages. 

They are a bit of a social announcement, but music headed by piano chords is charming. 

11. That’s My Job – Conway Twitty (1987)

A profoundly emotional classic song, That’s My Job, is a slow country tune with a peaceful melody. The lyrics are heavy and sung by a son who lost his father and celebrates their eternal love.

 This is the favorite tune for many who lost their father, and C.Twitty lights a candle for them.

12. The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert (2009)

Slow country songs about Family seem to have a powerful atmosphere and lyrics. This one begins with a short guitar solo that reminds us of childhood memories. 

The House That Built Me refers to the Family by focusing on her childhood house. Places are bringers of memories, and the meaning of Family is intact with the place we call home. 

13. Keep the Family Close – Drake ( 2016)

Drake’s take on the Family is a different one. The musical structures surrounding the vocals are very creative through music. The lyrics’ focus is a man who had wrong friendships and realizes the importance of the Family. 

It seems like the Family has also been the last resort for Drake. I like the electronics and strings-like atmosphere. It creates a good atmosphere, and it is the musical surface of the piece.  

14. We Are Family – Sister Sledge (1979)

Although it is the no.1 song of each family gathering, We Are Family focuses on the family as women stand together. 

The real reason the piece is loved by all this much is the strong dose of happiness it gives. We Are Family is not only a celebration of sisterhood. It also highlights an eternal boundary among friends or Family.  

15. Who Says You Can’t Go Home – Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles (2005)

Here is a moving melody giving hope and positive vibes. This chilling rock duet is about our wishes to be free. It also points out the failures along the way. 

Our family will accept whatever the issue is without asking anything in return. Music is like a mixture of Bon Jovi’s style in country fashion. 

The voices of the two singers also fit perfectly. It only takes a few seconds of listening to make yourself feel peaceful.  

16. Barbarism Begins at Home – The Smiths (1985)

From the most sensational album of the British band, Barbarism Begins at Home is a “crack on the head.”

 Lyrics suggest that too. Incredible guitar riffs by J.Marr and vocals by Morrisey are trademarks of the piece. The song is about abusive parents and how they turn their children into abusive adults.

17. Hey Brother – Avicii (2013)

Hey Brother is a pure declaration of brotherhood. No wonder you remember this song as one of the greatest pop hits of the 2010s. 

There are few songs about such sibling relationships, and this great tune fills that gap. Vocal lines are so effective that melody comes into mind as we see the title since the year the song was released. 

18. Family Man – Craig Campbell (2011)

Family Man touches on the case of the Family from a whole different perspective. A working-class father feels exhausted and explains how hard life is. 

Yet, one thing that keeps him going is the family. I like how music stays still until the word Family Man is heard by Campbell. As we hear the reason to keep him strong, the music grows more significant.

19. Family Reunion – the OJays (1975)

This great soul-jazz classic begins as a regular family reunion. By the end of the song, the lyrics bring us to a place where we find ourselves celebrating the brotherhood. 

The music is quite sophisticated, and the vocals are fantastic. It is hard to stay still and keep ourselves away from this beautiful celebration.  

20. Be Alive” – Beyoncé (2021) 

This is a beautiful song composed as a soundtrack for the movie King Richard. This tune celebrates the incredible effort of Serena, Venus, and Richard Williams. 

Each chorus is gold, and the harmonies are fantastic. In only a few seconds, a rocking rhythm enters. This is the time Beyoncé shows us her excellent vocal skills.

Be Alive is the song that proves to us that sometimes family love is the only key to success. 

21. Lean On – Bill Withers (1972)

Another monumental classic tune by the incredible Bill Withers! Lean on Me is like a sea acting calm until it creates these massive waves of love.

 The Gospel-like “Lean on Me” part highlights the love and support we can always get. Musically, its form is incredible. It reaches an intense climax and makes you wait for it with the entrance of each instrument.  

22. Because of You – Kelly Clarkson (2004)

When talking of songs about problematic families, Because of You must be mentioned. The song is a letter of resentment with a deeply emotional vocal line and video clip. 

Unfortunately, the concept of Family is only defined by a broken heart for some. Kelly Clarkson’s hit shows us how hard it can be and how to face it.

23. Cat’s in the Cradle – Harry Chapin (1974)

Cat’s in the Cradle is like a short fairy tale. It depicts the relationship between a boy and his dad. The boy sometimes feels moody, but the father can always wash away his troubles only with a loving smile. 

The tune’s got some excellent walking bass lines. I particularly love how the instruments blended with the vocals of Chapin so well.  

24. Family Portrait – P!nk (2001)

It is an early hit of P!nk. Family Portrait is hard to forget for its striking video clip and touching lyrics. Here she captures a moment from her childhood and invites us in. 

The main point is a very catchy chorus part with deep resentment towards abusive parents. Probably one of the songs made P!nk loved by many. Sometimes, such sincerity is not only reflected by fans but also rewarded with love. 

25. Ode to My Family – The Cranberries (1994)

This fragile and sweet tune is an anthem among all family songs, making up the last amazing song on our list. 

A tiny lens of childhood, Ode to My Family, depicts a girl trying to find her way in life. When looking back, the sweetest memories are the ones with a loving mother.

Final Note 

With this beautiful classic of the 90s, we finish our list. Families left a monumental remark on each singer’s life with or without good memories. 

Thanks to such songs, we can cherish the Family, remember the lost members, or express our anger about the past. 

All in all, the time we spend with Family shapes our future. I hope you had a good time checking out the list. See you at the next one! 

John Godfrey

John Godfrey is a music fanatic, as well as the owner of Songpier.com which provides music guides. In high school, he learned how to play the drums which inspired him to learn about rock music. He began to write articles for various music magazines and during this period he realized he had a passion for writing music descriptions. He has a Master's degree in music education from the University of Redlands.