20 Songs About Dreams

Dreams can be powerful and inspiring, but they can also be mysterious and perplexing. Dreams can take us on an emotional journey, and they can also provide us with insight into our lives. Music is a great way to explore the many facets of dreams, and there are countless songs about dreams out there.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 songs about dreams that capture the power and beauty of dreaming. From classic rock ballads to modern pop anthems, these songs explore the many different aspects of dreaming and provide us with a soundtrack to our own dreams. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to explore the depths of your subconscious, these songs will take you on a journey through the world of dreams.

1. Aerosmith - Dream On (1973)

Artist: Aerosmith
Track name: Dream On
Album: Aerosmith
Release year: 1973

Dream On by Aerosmith is a classic rock song released in 1973. Its uplifting chorus and soaring guitar riffs embody the cathartic nature of the track. Lyrically, the song encourages listeners to never give up on their dreams, regardless of the obstacles standing in their way. The pounding drums and powerful vocals add tension and make the song feel even more energetic, while the hopeful chorus makes the song highly optimistic and inspiring. Overall, this song is perfect for anyone looking for a pick-me-up and wants to keep fighting for their dreams.

2. Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams (2018)

Artist: Juice WRLD
Track name: Lucid Dreams
Album: Goodbye & Good Riddance
Release year: 2018

Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD from 2018 is an emotional and heartfelt song which describes the pain of a brokenhearted person struggling from depression. The song has a slow and melancholic beat combined with soothing synths, which creates its unique and moving sound. It conveys a genuine story about the struggles of a young person dealing with a broken relationship. With its meaningful and raw lyrics, the song expresses the artist's sadness and longing for his lost love. The overall feeling of the song is deep and moving, making it a powerful and captivating work of art.

3. Stephen Dawes - Teenage Dream (2022)

Artist: Stephen Dawes
Track name: Teenage Dream
Album: Teenage Dream
Release year: 2022

Stephan Dawes' hit song 'Teenage Dream' blazes with energy. Although it has been over 10 years since its first release, it still sounds fresh and vibrant. Filled with vibrant guitar riffs and a catchy chorus, this song makes listeners feel like they can take on the world. With lyrics about finding one's way and staying true to yourself, 'Teenage Dream' is an anthem for young people everywhere. It urges listeners to make their dreams a reality and reminds them to never give up. It is a song to cry and dance to, full of hope, enthusiasm and ambition. It's an inspiring reminder that no matter our age, we can always follow our dreams.

4. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams - 2004 Remaster (1977)

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Track name: Dreams - 2004 Remaster
Album: Rumours (Super Deluxe)
Release year: 1977

Dreams - 2004 Remaster by Fleetwood Mac is a timeless classic from 1977. The mellow guitar riffs combined with the pristine melodies of Stevie Nicks create a blissful and dreamy sound. The song is filled with a sense of hope and optimism, as Nicks sings of a desire to achieve her dreams, regardless of the obstacles and doubts she may face. The rhythm is decidedly laid back and takes listeners on a relaxing journey, while the timeless lyrics resonate in our hearts. With its calming tones, it's not difficult to see why Dreams remains a powerful and beloved song to this day.

5. Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Remastered (1983)

Artist: Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart
Track name: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Remastered
Album: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
Release year: 1983

The song Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart has been a classic since 1983. Its upbeat tempo and unique sounds bring an energetic yet dreamy feel. Annie Lennox's distinct, bold vocal style captures the listener's attention and emotions. The song is an expression of fervent longing for freedom, with lyrics that touch on life choices, dreams, and one's understanding of the world. With a memorable chorus and simple synth-pop rhythm, it's sure to make you sway along and put your troubles away. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) is one of those classics that will forever be associated with 1980s culture.

6. Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version) (2021)

Artist: Taylor Swift
Track name: Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version)
Album: Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version)
Release year: 2021

Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version) is a re-recording of one of Taylor Swift's most beloved songs from 2015. Listening to the song transports listeners to an exotic landscape, where warm melodies combine with an uplifting instrumental. You can feel Taylor's emotions, as she sings of romantic dreams that remain unfulfilled. The lyrics embody longing and hope, reminding us all to never stop believing in something greater. With a strong beat and captivating big-room sounds, Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version) will take you on a moving musical journey.

7. Empire of the Sun - Walking On A Dream (2008)

Artist: Empire of the Sun
Track name: Walking On A Dream
Album: Walking On A Dream (10th Anniversary Edition)
Release year: 2008

Walking On A Dream by Empire of the Sun is a captivating blend of glistening synths and smooth, dreamy vocals. It radiates a feeling of optimism and of a limitless future, with the lyrics telling a story of finding the courage to take on life's grandest challenges and stepping out of one's comfort zone. The song's mystical production allows listeners to find a sense of peace and be inspired to live life fully, making the most of opportunities that may never come around again.

8. Daryl Hall & John Oates - You Make My Dreams (Come True) (1980)

Artist: Daryl Hall & John Oates
Track name: You Make My Dreams (Come True)
Album: Voices
Release year: 1980

You Make My Dreams (Come True) is a song by Daryl Hall and John Oates from 1980. The song has an upbeat tempo and buoyant sound that instantly lifts the listener's mood and brings smiles to their faces. The lyrics are about a young couple in love, telling the other how their love makes their dreams and desires come true. The instruments create a catchy rhythm and vibrant accompaniment to the lyrics and vocal harmonies. Through the cheerful melody and lyrics, the song captures the joys of being in love and having your dreams come true. To many people, it is an uplifting, happy tune that truly encapsulates the feeling of being in love and believing in a bright future.

9. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2017)

Artist: Green Day
Track name: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Album: Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band
Release year: 2017

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day is a melancholic and powerful rock song released in 2017. The downbeat vocals of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong along with the somber electric guitar and drums give the song an overall gloomy vibe. The lyrics detail a journey of loneliness and isolation, with Armstrong singing about feeling isolated, misunderstood, and abandoned even when surrounded by people. The song captures feelings of loneliness and depression as Armstrong croons “I'm walking down the line, that divides me somewhere in my mind”, while the chorus expresses hope in a better future with the powerful line “Don't become another forgotten memory”. Boulevard of Broken Dreams is an emotional and powerful rock track that is sure to

10. Alan Walker, Imanbek - Sweet Dreams (2021)

Artist: Alan Walker, Imanbek
Track name: Sweet Dreams
Album: Sweet Dreams
Release year: 2021

Sweet Dreams is a powerful and vibrant song by Alan Walker and Imanbek. The track transports the listener to a whole new level with its dreamy synth-pop sound. The powerful rhythm and sweet melodies of the song make it truly uplifting and captivating. The vocals from Imanbek bring the listener to a state of emotional turmoil where longing and happiness mingle in a thrilling mix. The meaning of the lyrics revolves around a bittersweet dream for a better life, making the listener feel inspired and motivated to reach for their dreams. It's the perfect track to uplift and motivate us as we keep striving during difficult times.

11. Meek Mill - Dreams and Nightmares (2012)

Artist: Meek Mill
Track name: Dreams and Nightmares
Album: Dreams and Nightmares (Deluxe Edition)
Release year: 2012

Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill is an inspirational hip hop song released in 2012. The song starts off with a powerful beat that builds up during the chorus, perfectly accompanying Meek Mill's energetic and passionate vocal delivery. Through the song Meek Mill talks about his come up from being nothing to becoming successful and living in the limelight. The overall feeling is one of resilience, strength, and determination, motivating the listener to pursue their own dreams. It's a tribute to everyone that has ever worked hard for what they have and serves as an anthem for those falling on hard times. Dreams and Nightmares radiates positive energy and has become a motivational classic.

12. Nelly - Just A Dream (2010)

Artist: Nelly
Track name: Just A Dream
Album: 5.0
Release year: 2010

Just A Dream by Nelly from 2010 is an emotional track where Nelly pleads for his love to be more understanding. He expresses how difficult it is for him to open up, with a heartfelt chorus and memorable melody. The production of the song is simple but the power of the message is clear and positive. The additional female vocals that join Nelly in the chorus help to emphasize the loss and desire to recapture hope and love. The song expresses a deep desire to capture a moment in time and remember it forever, holding on to hope while succumbing to heartache in the face of difficulties and feeling of helplessness. The song captures a feeling of longing and sadness, but ultimately it is a song of hope.

13. Guti - Girl of My Dreams (2019)

Artist: Guti
Track name: Girl of My Dreams
Album: Girl of My Dreams
Release year: 2019

The song Girl of My Dreams by Guti, released in 2019, is a beautiful and soulful song that exudes a romantic and dreamy feel. Its soulful bass, calming drums and its catchy hook have the power to stir up emotions. Guti's soothing vocals creating an atmospheric soundscape beautifully complements its light yet strong melodies.nnThe song is about the innocent and unbreakable bond formed between two young lovers. Seeing them growing old together, it carries a soft and gentle message of hope and reassurance that love is capable of lasting through the years. As the song turns from light to deeper feelings, the frame of a romantic story takes shape.

14. Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams - A Million Dreams (2017)

Artist: Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams
Track name: A Million Dreams
Album: The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release year: 2017

A Million Dreams is an inspiring song from 2017 featured in the film The Greatest Showman. It is sung by Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, and Michelle Williams. The joyful melody filled with soft strings and seductive vocals pulls the listener in. It captures the optimism and sentiment of the movie with its lyrics conveying the power of dreams and following your heart. It speaks of a better future and encourages the listener to keep dreaming, regardless of how hard it gets. A Million Dreams beautifully captures the bittersweet longing for a better world filled with hope, adventure and love.

15. Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over (1986)

Artist: Crowded House
Track name: Don't Dream It's Over
Album: Crowded House
Release year: 1986

Don't Dream It's Over is a classic 1986 hit by Crowded House that remains wildly popular to this day. The song is slightly chaotic, with plenty of drums and electric guitar, yet it maintains a pleasant dream-like atmosphere. With heart-rending vocals and meaningful lyrics, it speaks to the human condition of people struggling to keep hope alive in the face of adversity. It speaks to being strong and holding onto hope, no matter how difficult the situation. Its cheerful rhythm, soulful vocals and uplifting message create an atmosphere of optimism and support, making it a timeless classic.

16. $uicideboy$, Germ - I Dream of Chrome (2022)

Artist: $uicideboy$, Germ
Track name: I Dream of Chrome
Release year: 2022

I Dream of Chrome by $uicideboy$ and Germ from 2022 is a powerful electronic song that captures a feeling of longing. Dark and brooding, edgy synthesizers build up to a powerful chorus that evokes a sense of distance and separation - perfect for the listener's own dream of something that seems just out of reach. The lyrics are deep and reflective, touching on feeling of staying true to yourself despite the darkness of life. With intense energy, I Dream of Chrome is a perfect anthem for those marching on despite being stuck in a situation that seems to be getting worse.

17. Juice WRLD, SUGA, BTS - Girl Of My Dreams (with SUGA of BTS) (2022)

Artist: Juice WRLD, SUGA, BTS
Track name: Girl Of My Dreams (with SUGA of BTS)
Album: Fighting Demons (Deluxe)
Release year: 2022

The song Girl of My Dreams from 2022 is an upbeat collaboration by Juice WRLD, SUGA, and BTS. It is a catchy, feel-good track with a positive and light-hearted tone. It has a steady rhythm and smooth melody to it that make you want to groove to the beat. The lyrics talk about finding the right person to share life's journey with, being inspired to live and follow your dreams, and expressing love. Overall, the song is energetic and fun, yet carries an important message of finding care and support in another person, and the happiness that comes with it.

18. Sleepy Hallow - Basketball Dreams (Intro) (2021)

Artist: Sleepy Hallow
Track name: Basketball Dreams (Intro)
Album: Still Sleep?
Release year: 2021

Basketball Dreams (Intro) by Sleepy Hallow is an inspiring track that captures the spirit of chasing dreams. It has a mellow, mellifluous beat with a smooth flow that envelops the listener in an uplifting atmosphere. The lyrics are a motivational message packed with ambition and hustle. It encourages us to be fearless and never give up, no matter the challenge. The track embodies the spirit of resilience, inspiring us to stay determined in pursuit of our goals. Despite its slower tempo, Basketball Dreams (Intro) will have you feeling energized with its powerful message and uplifting vibes.

19. Stellar - Bad Dream (2021)

Artist: Stellar
Track name: Bad Dream
Album: Bad Dream
Release year: 2021

Bad Dream by Stellar is an emotional R&B track about understanding and healing from failed relationships and heartbreak. The track features gentle, soulful vocal melodies that wash over a groove-filled background of smooth beats and keys. It carries a sense of nostalgia and sadness, but its overall tone is one of hope and resilience. With its inspiring lyrics and strong sound, it reinforces the idea of finding strength even in the darkest of moments. Bad Dream encapsulates the idea that it's possible to find peace and eventually move on even after a painful trauma. It is a heartfelt and deeply honest song that is sure to move listeners.

20. Wet Leg - Wet Dream (2022)

Artist: Wet Leg
Track name: Wet Dream
Album: Wet Leg
Release year: 2022

Wet Dream by Wet Leg is an upbeat song from 2022 that talks about embracing the power of our dreams. Its groovy rhythm and sharp guitar riffs give off a feeling of carefree joy, perfectly capturing the elation of pursuing one's goals without fear. The infectious energy of the track encourages people to throw caution to the wind and take chances. Meanwhile, playful and evocative lyrics reflect on the fantastic prospects our dreams hold, if we let ourselves follow them.

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