19 Songs About Dogs

Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend,” and it’s easy to see why. These loyal and loving companions bring joy and happiness into our lives, and it’s no surprise that they’ve been the inspiration for countless songs over the years. From upbeat and energetic tracks to heartfelt ballads, songs about dogs run the gamut of emotions. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best songs about dogs, featuring a wide range of genres and styles.

Whether you’re a dog lover looking for some new tunes to add to your playlist or just want to celebrate these furry friends, this list has something for everyone. So grab your headphones and get ready to bark along to some of the greatest songs about dogs.

1. Mitski - I Bet on Losing Dogs (2016)

Artist: Mitski
Track name: I Bet on Losing Dogs
Album: Puberty 2
Release year: 2016

Mitski's I Bet on Losing Dogs is a melancholic, wistful track from her 2016 album, Puberty 2. The lyrics describe the singer's longing for something that's gone forever, and the music reflects this emotion with a dreamy, guitar-driven sound. The mid-tempo beat carries the listener through themes of mourning and regret, as the delicate melodies make it clear that Mitski is fighting her deep emotions. It's a bittersweet track, revealing the universal struggle between the desire to move on from sadness and the tendency to cling to it. Ultimately, I Bet on Losing Dogs conveys the idea that it's ok to be sad for a while, to acknowledge and process the pain,

2. Led Zeppelin - Black Dog - Remaster (1971)

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Track name: Black Dog - Remaster
Album: Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe Edition)
Release year: 1971

Led Zeppelin's Black Dog is an iconic song from 1971 with an infectious beat and captivating guitar riffs. The legendary Led Zeppelin band give us an energetic guitar-based blues-rock anthem with powerful lyrics about temptation, desire and the choices we make in life. The combination of tight playing and strong vocals give the song a unique and intense feeling. It's easy to lose yourself in its sound and its message of not allowing ourselves to be distracted by a Black Dog and allowing it to lead our lives. With its classic hard rock sound, it remains an undeniable part of the soundtrack of the '70s.

3. Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (2009)

Artist: Florence + The Machine
Track name: Dog Days Are Over
Album: Lungs (Deluxe Edition)
Release year: 2009

Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine is an upbeat song with a powerful chorus. It starts off slowly but quickly builds to an uplifting crescendo of drums, piano and soaring vocals. The lyrics convey a message of freshness, in which the singer believes that anything will be possible and that life's burdens can be overcome. It is a song of hope, letting listeners know that no matter what they're going through, they can always make it through. Thanks to its uplifting beat and message, the song is a great pick-me-up to help people through tough times.

4. $uicideboy$ - All Dogs Go to Heaven (2020)

Artist: $uicideboy$
Track name: All Dogs Go to Heaven
Album: Stop Staring At the Shadows
Release year: 2020

All Dogs Go to Heaven by $uicideboy$ from 2020 is a dynamic, atmospheric track with a strong bass line that creates a dark and intense atmosphere. The lyrics of the song are deep in meaning and touched by a lot of suffering. The main idea that it conveys is that death is a part of life, but it is not something to be feared. The song also suggests that a life of love and selflessness can bring a lot of joy and comfort, even when life seems to be hard. All Dogs Go to Heaven is both a celebration of life and an ode to overcoming adversity.

5. TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Cat & Dog (2019)

Track name: Cat & Dog
Album: The Dream Chapter: STAR
Release year: 2019

Cat & Dog is a vibrant and refreshing song by TOMORROW X TOGETHER. It has a cheerful, rhythmic beat and an energetic sound that creates a light-hearted and playful atmosphere. The lyrics of the song tell a sweet story of two friends who love each other despite their differences. It is an uplifting message about embracing diversity and how a friendship should not be judged by its appearance. Cat & Dog conveys the idea that two people, regardless of their differences, can stay together as long-term friends. With its positive energy, it is sure to leave you feeling warm and ready to celebrate friendship.

6. Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out (2000)

Artist: Baha Men
Track name: Who Let The Dogs Out
Album: Who Let The Dogs Out
Release year: 2000

Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men is an iconic dance-pop hit from 2000. The song is instantly recognizable due to its catchy chorus and playful Dog bark rhythmic beat. The song is about a man who has experienced heartbreak, and is wondering who let the dogs out, a metaphor for his broken heart. The track has an irresistible energy that has inspired fans to jump up and shake their hips. The bright and cheerful keys, infectious basslines, and tribal drum beats make it an undeniable party anthem that still has the power to make even the most reluctant dancer move. It's a song of celebration and joy, with a raw and powerful message that is hard to ignore.

7. Limp Bizkit - Hot Dog (2000)

Artist: Limp Bizkit
Track name: Hot Dog
Album: Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water
Release year: 2000

Hot Dog by Limp Bizkit is a upbeat song from 2000. Its sound is high energy with a punk rock attitude throughout its distorted guitars, driving drums, and quirky melodic vocals. It has a feeling of carefree fun and celebrates letting loose and being true to yourself. The lyrics talk about being okay with who you are despite what others around you may think, with lines like “Be yourself and have some fun, forget about it if I had to choose, I'd rather be a hot dog than be one of you”. Hot Dog is a classic song that embodies the spirit of the 2000s.

8. Elvis Presley - Hound Dog (1958)

Artist: Elvis Presley
Track name: Hound Dog
Album: Elvis' Golden Records
Release year: 1958

Hound Dog by Elvis Presley is an uptempo song that starts off with a bright guitar introduction. The lyrics describe a rejected lover, as Elvis sings with his signature deep and emotional voice. There's some twangy guitar throughout, and the song even includes a few moments of spoken dialogue. Listening to it, you can't help but feel the mix of disappointment and hope in his plea. The song captures the idea that even though you feel like love has left you, you keep trying and hoping all the same. With its catchy and playful rhythm, Hound Dog is sure to put a smile on your face.

9. Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog (2017)

Artist: Mac DeMarco
Track name: This Old Dog
Album: This Old Dog
Release year: 2017

This Old Dog is a song by Mac DeMarco from 2017. The song has a mellow, calming sound with DeMarco's vocals echoing over a smooth electric guitar. It expresses the difficulty of maintaining relationships and having to let go of the past when things have changed. The lyrics tell a story of a man trying to put the past behind him and embrace a new beginning. The slow rhythm gives an overall relaxed feeling to the song. This Old Dog captures a bittersweet emotion without being nostalgic, but with a hint of hope for the future.

10. Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus - Me & My Dog (2018)

Artist: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus
Track name: Me & My Dog
Album: boygenius
Release year: 2018

Me & My Dog by Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus is an beautiful indie rock song with a powerful message of companionship and understanding. The song's sweet and melancholic guitar provides a backdrop for the gentle, heartfelt vocal harmonies. The lyrics tell a story of two people with intense connections, and how, no matter how far apart they may be, they will never feel lonely as long as they still have each other. The message of the song is that it's never too late to be reunited with those you love, even if it looks like it will never happen.

11. Weezer - I Want A Dog (2022)

Artist: Weezer
Track name: I Want A Dog
Album: I Want A Dog
Release year: 2022

I Want A Dog by Weezer from 2022 is an upbeat, feel-good track about the power of determination and being able to make things happen. The vibrant guitar melody and fast drumbeat help to create an intense, energetic mood. With its hooky chorus and lighthearted vocal delivery, this song encourages listeners to stand up for what they want. This nostalgic track shows that with enough effort you can make anything happen, even when it seems like a dream. Behind its infectious energy, this song carries a simple message that nobody should give up on the things that they want.

12. Blake Shelton - I'll Name the Dogs (2017)

Artist: Blake Shelton
Track name: I'll Name the Dogs
Album: Texoma Shore
Release year: 2017

I'll Name the Dogs by Blake Shelton is a mellow country tune with warm guitar strums in the background and Shelton's unmistakable twangy voice. The lyrics describe a heartfelt love story between two lovers that are living life like it's a honeymoon and will spend the rest of their lives together. The chorus of the song is especially catchy and sentimental with a promise that the singer will name the kids, I'll name the dogs, giving the relationships a sense of permanence and commitment. From start to finish, I'll Name the Dogs is an inspiring and uplifting song that glows with sincerity and hope.

13. Tatton Sage - Hubert, the magic dog (2021)

Artist: Tatton Sage
Track name: Hubert, the magic dog
Album: Hubert, the magic dog
Release year: 2021

Hubert, the Magic Dog is a beautiful, vibrant new song by Tatton Sage. It has a toe-tapping blend of folk and electronic instruments as well as haunting vocal melodies. The song creates a feeling of deep, heartfelt emotion and transports the listener to another world. The song is all about an imaginary dog named Hubert and his secret adventures. Through his words, the song expresses the power of hope, imagination and the beauty of life. Hubert, the Magic Dog is a delightful journey of an psyche and can speak to everyone no matter their age.

14. Pink Floyd - Dogs (1977)

Artist: Pink Floyd
Track name: Dogs
Album: Animals
Release year: 1977

Dogs by Pink Floyd is a classic rock song from 1977 that will take you on a sonic journey. It features a captivating and complex harmonic structure, with dreamy melodies, dark lyrics and edgy guitar riffs layered with effect-laden synths and piano chords. The combination of instruments creates an enchanting atmosphere and allows the listener to get lost in their own thoughts. Lyrically, Dogs explores the idea of how humans can become obsessed with material things, and how their desire for power can be destructive in the long run. The song is both mesmerizing and slightly ominous in its message.

15. Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog (1975)

Artist: Nazareth
Track name: Hair Of The Dog
Album: Hair Of The Dog
Release year: 1975

Hair of the Dog by Nazareth, released in 1975, is a hard-hitting classic rock and roll song. It starts with a catchy, stomping guitar riff and a driving beat that drives forward the strong lyrics. The vocals are powerful and evocative, and the chorus is anthemic and very memorable. The song is about digging up an old relationship and being determined to not make the same mistakes twice. The music and lyrics bring forth a feeling of defiance and resilience against adversity, making it a classic of its genre and an enjoyable listen.

16. Puppy Dog Pals Cast - Puppy Dog Pals Main Title Theme (2017)

Artist: Puppy Dog Pals Cast
Track name: Puppy Dog Pals Main Title Theme
Album: Puppy Dog Pals: Disney Junior Music
Release year: 2017

Puppy Dog Pals Main Title Theme by Puppy Dog Pals Cast is an upbeat, joyful song that oozes puppy cuteness. The catchy melody and playful lyrics capture the spirit of fun, adventure and friendship that follows the cast of characters. The song conveys the feeling of excitement and joy, of a friendship that knows no boundaries. The lyrics reinforce the message of confidence and joy, of never giving up and living your dreams. It's lighthearted, cute and offers all the love of puppies and playtime, with a dash of good-natured mischief thrown in. The song is the perfect soundtrack to show the true spirit of Puppy Dog Pals.

17. The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog (1969)

Artist: The Stooges
Track name: I Wanna Be Your Dog
Album: The Stooges
Release year: 1969

I Wanna Be Your Dog is a classic rock song by The Stooges recorded in 1969. It is a mesmerizing track with a strong beat, sharp guitar riffs and a raw vocal delivery by lead singer Iggy Pop. The song conveys a feeling of longing and desire to be close to someone. Lyrically, I Wanna Be Your Dog is pleading for love and is full of powerful yearning events. The feedback noises that can be heard throughout the song add to its charm. All in all, I Wanna Be Your Dog is a great rock anthem that speaks about embracing love and needing companionship.

18. 42 Dugg - Dog Food (2019)

Artist: 42 Dugg
Track name: Dog Food
Album: Young and Turnt
Release year: 2019

Dog Food by 42 Dugg is a 2019 hip-hop track with a catchy beat and booming bass. It's an addictive song that manages to capture the dark and gritty realities of oppressed neighborhoods. The chorus finds 42 Dugg exclaiming of his intense determination to survive and rise above the violence in his life. Through the song, he flexes his lyrical craft and boasts his undeniable confidence, giving listeners an inspiring message of resilience and hustle. Dog Food is an urgent and energizing track that offers a cathartic release for anyone feeling like the underdog, with a motivational message to stay focused and keep grinding.

19. Colde, Crush - Your Dog Loves You (Feat. Crush) (2018)

Artist: Colde, Crush
Track name: Your Dog Loves You (Feat. Crush)
Album: Your Dog Loves You
Release year: 2018

Your Dog Loves You by Colde, Crush is a lo-fi, dreamy hip-hop track with bittersweet undertones. The soft synths and ethereal vocals instantly set a relaxed atmosphere and create a sense of comfort and nostalgia. The lyrics tell a story of companionship and a connection between human and dog. Through thoughtful metaphors and soulful melodies, Crush expresses the strength and power of a mutual bond of love. The emotional depth of the song is eye-opening and reminds us of the importance of relationships, no matter what species. It is thought-provoking and on the same time calming. This is an truly unique and mesmerizing piece from 2018.

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