16 Best Diplo Songs

Diplo’s music is a vibrant mix of electronic, dancehall, and hip-hop beats. His unique ability to blend genres creates an infectious sound that gets everyone moving. Each track bursts with energy and creativity, showcasing his knack for innovation.

Collaborations have been a key part of Diplo’s success. He has teamed up with stars like Sia, Major Lazer, and Beyoncé. These partnerships bring out new dimensions in his music, making each song a fresh and exciting experience.

1. Heartless (feat. Morgan Wallen) – Diplo, Morgan Wallen

Artist: Diplo, Morgan Wallen
Track Name: Heartless (feat. Morgan Wallen)
Release Year: 2020

Heartless (feat. Morgan Wallen) by Diplo and Morgan Wallen is a cross-genre track blending country and electronic music. The song features catchy guitar riffs, a thumping beat, and Wallen’s distinctively raspy country vocals. Diplo’s slick production accentuates the fusion, making it a standout in the genre-bending space.

One notable aspect is the music video. It presents a narrative of lost love, set against the backdrop of gritty, rustic landscapes. The visuals perfectly complement the song’s theme of heartbreak and emotional turmoil, enhancing the overall impact.

2. Heartbroken (feat. Jessie Murph & Polo G) – Diplo, Jessie Murph, Polo G

Artist: Diplo, Jessie Murph, Polo G
Track Name: Heartbroken (feat. Jessie Murph & Polo G)
Release Year: 2023

The song Heartbroken by Diplo, Jessie Murph, and Polo G blends genres, combining elements of electro-pop with a touch of trap. Jessie Murph’s haunting vocals carry the emotional weight, while Polo G’s verses add a gritty layer, creating a dynamic interplay. Diplo’s production ties it all together with a seamless, polished beat that keeps the listener hooked from start to finish.

The music video complements the song’s raw emotion with a stark, visually captivating narrative. Scenes of isolation and heartache underscore the song’s theme, using minimalist settings to amplify the emotional impact. Dramatic lighting and a muted color palette enhance the visual storytelling, making it a memorable accompaniment to the track.

3. Wish (feat. Trippie Redd) – Diplo, Trippie Redd

Artist: Diplo, Trippie Redd
Track Name: Wish (feat. Trippie Redd) – Trippie Mix
Release Year: 2018

Wish (feat. Trippie Redd) – Trippie Mix by Diplo and Trippie Redd, released in 2018, is a blend of hip-hop and electronic dance music. The track features distinctive autotuned vocals by Trippie Redd paired with Diplo’s high-energy beats. Its catchy melody and introspective lyrics reflect themes of longing and desire that resonate with listeners.

The production quality of the song is notable for its polished and layered sound. Diplo’s careful use of reverb and looping creates an immersive listening experience. This meticulous production has contributed to the song’s success and enduring popularity among fans.

4. Stay High – Diplo, HUGEL, Julia Church

Artist: Diplo, HUGEL, Julia Church
Track Name: Stay High
Release Year: 2023

Stay High by Diplo, Hugel, and Julia Church is a 2023 release that blends electronic dance music (EDM) with soulful vocals. The song features catchy beats, a pulsating rhythm, and atmospheric synths, crafting a vibrant soundscape. Julia Church’s vocals add a haunting yet uplifting quality, perfect for dance floors and late-night drives.

The music video amplifies the song’s energetic vibe, showcasing colorful visuals and fluid dance moves. It captures a sense of freedom and joy, matching the song’s upbeat tempo. Fans have praised both the production quality and Julia Church’s standout performance, marking it as a memorable addition to Diplo’s expansive catalog.

5. On My Mind – Diplo, SIDEPIECE

Artist: Diplo, SIDEPIECE
Track Name: On My Mind
Release Year: 2021

Diplo and Sidepiece joined forces in 2021 to create the infectious dance track On My Mind. The song fuses elements of house, techno, and a splash of pop, delivering a pulsating beat that keeps the energy high. Catchy vocals loop over a driving bassline, making it a staple for club nights and party playlists.

A standout element is the track’s polished production quality. The crisp beats, layered synths, and seamless transitions reveal an expert touch behind the mixing board. This attention to detail creates a dynamic listening experience that’s both captivating and memorable.

6. Welcome to the Party (with French Montana & Lil Pump, feat. Zhavia Ward) – Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump, Zhavia

Artist: Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump, Zhavia
Track Name: Welcome to the Party (with French Montana & Lil Pump, feat. Zhavia Ward) – from Deadpool 2
Release Year: 2018

Welcome to the Party is an electrifying song from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack. Crafted by Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump, and featuring Zhavia Ward, it belongs to the hip-hop and trap genres. The beat hits hard with thumping bass and aggressive snares, while the energetic lyrics celebrate a wild, no-holds-barred party lifestyle.

The collaborations in this track bring a unique blend of styles and voices, each artist contributing their distinct flair. French Montana delivers suave bars, Lil Pump adds his signature hype, while Zhavia Ward’s soulful voice ties it all together. This combination, along with Diplo’s sharp production, creates a memorable and high-octane anthem that resonates well with both hip-hop fans and mainstream audiences.

7. Turn Back Time – Diplo, Sonny Fodera

Artist: Diplo, Sonny Fodera
Track Name: Turn Back Time
Release Year: 2020

Turn Back Time by Diplo and Sonny Fodera, released in 2020, is a vibrant track that merges deep house and dance-pop genres. The song features a catchy beat with pulsating bass lines and synth overlays, making it perfect for both club scenes and casual listening. Vocals are soulful yet energetic, adding a rich layer of emotional depth while maintaining an upbeat vibe throughout the track.

The theme of the song centers on nostalgia and reflection. Lyrics such as wishing to go back and fix past mistakes touch on universal feelings, resonating with many listeners. This theme is complemented by the high production quality, which slickly polishes each element, ensuring a seamless listening experience.

8. Don’t Forget My Love – Diplo, Miguel

Artist: Diplo, Miguel
Track Name: Don’t Forget My Love
Release Year: 2022

Don’t Forget My Love by Diplo and Miguel, released in 2022, falls squarely within the electronic dance music (EDM) genre with a touch of soulful R&B. The song features a vibrant, pulsating beat coupled with Miguel’s smooth and emotive vocals. It creates a magnetic and energetic atmosphere perfect for the dance floor.

Interestingly, the collaboration between Diplo and Miguel brings together distinct musical styles, showcasing Diplo’s production skills and Miguel’s vocal prowess. The song received positive feedback from fans and critics alike, appreciating its infectious melody and polished production. It’s a testament to how blending different genres can result in a captivating track.

9. Express Yourself – Diplo, Mochakk, Nicky Da B

Artist: Diplo, Mochakk, Nicky Da B
Track Name: Express Yourself – Mochakk Remix
Release Year: 2023

Diplo, Mochakk, and Nicky Da B’s 2023 collaboration, the Express Yourself – Mochakk Remix, is an electrifying fusion of electronic dance music and bounce. The track features high-energy beats, pulsing basslines, and catchy, rhythmic vocals that pay homage to New Orleans bounce music. It’s a dance floor anthem with an infectious groove that urges you to move your body.

One of the standout elements of this remix is its production quality. The meticulous layering of electronic elements and the seamless blending of synthetic and organic sounds create an immersive listening experience. This level of production showcases the expertise and creative vision of the producers, making the track a sonic masterpiece.

10. Wasted (feat. Kodak Black & Koe Wetzel) – Diplo, Kodak Black, Koe Wetzel

Artist: Diplo, Kodak Black, Koe Wetzel
Track Name: Wasted (feat. Kodak Black & Koe Wetzel)
Release Year: 2023

Wasted (feat. Kodak Black & Koe Wetzel) by Diplo, Kodak Black, and Koe Wetzel is a vibrant and eclectic mix of genres. The song melds elements of hip-hop, country, and electronic music, creating a unique soundscape that is both fresh and familiar. Its blend of catchy rhythms and emotive lyrics offers something for a diverse audience, making it stand out in today’s music scene.

Featuring Kodak Black’s gritty rap verses and Koe Wetzel’s melodic hooks, the collaboration is noteworthy. Diplo’s polished production techniques elevate the track, ensuring high-quality sound and seamless transitions between genres. The song’s memorable moments include a haunting chorus that lingers long after the music stops, leaving listeners in a reflective state.

11. Color Blind – Diplo, Lil Xan

Artist: Diplo, Lil Xan
Track Name: Color Blind
Release Year: 2018

Color Blind by Diplo and Lil Xan from 2018 is an intriguing blend of electronic and hip-hop elements. The song features a mellow, laid-back beat layered with atmospheric synths and subtle percussions. Lil Xan’s vocal delivery complements the smooth production, creating a dreamy and introspective vibe.

Reception and impact show that the song received mixed reviews from both fans and critics. Some praised its chilled-out vibe and unique pairing of artists, while others felt it lacked depth. Nonetheless, it found a considerable fanbase, steadily climbing streaming charts and becoming a staple in Diplo’s live DJ sets.

12. Heaven or Not – Diplo, Riva Starr, Kareen Lomax

Artist: Diplo, Riva Starr, Kareen Lomax
Track Name: Heaven or Not
Release Year: 2024

Heaven or Not by Diplo, Riva Starr, and Kareen Lomax, released in 2024, blends elements of electronic and deep house, marked by its infectious rhythm and pulsing bassline. The song’s groove instantly grabs listeners, creating an addictive atmosphere that’s perfect for late-night dance floors. Kareen Lomax’s soulful vocal performance adds an emotional layer, conveying a sense of longing and introspection.

Diplo and Riva Starr’s collaboration showcases their skills in seamless production and innovative sound design. Notable moments in the song include the drop, which combines hypnotic synths with a powerful beat, making it impossible to stay still. Critics and fans alike applaud Heaven or Not for its dynamic arrangement and emotional depth, making it a standout track in 2024’s music landscape.

13. Lonely (with Jonas Brothers) – Diplo, Jonas Brothers

Artist: Diplo, Jonas Brothers
Track Name: Lonely (with Jonas Brothers)
Release Year: 2020

Lonely (with Jonas Brothers) by Diplo and the Jonas Brothers, released in 2020, is a blend of pop and electronic dance music. The song showcases smooth synths, catchy hooks, and infectious beats, creating a euphoric yet reflective atmosphere. Its lyrics touch on themes of isolation and yearning, resonating with listeners through lines like I just want to be somebody.

Noteworthy is the high production quality brought to the track. Diplo employs meticulous techniques, layering instruments and vocals to craft a polished, radio-friendly sound. The result is a song that stands out in both its energy and emotional depth.

14. Be Right There – Diplo, Sleepy Tom

Artist: Diplo, Sleepy Tom
Track Name: Be Right There
Release Year: 2015

Be Right There by Diplo and Sleepy Tom, released in 2015, is an energetic house track infused with electronic dance music elements. The song features a catchy melody with a pulsing beat and synth-driven rhythm that gets listeners moving. Its upbeat vibe is complemented by infectious vocal chops, creating an electric atmosphere perfect for dance floors.

The production quality stands out, highlighting Diplo’s skillful sound engineering. Layered synthesizers and strategic use of reverb give the track a polished finish. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each listen reveals new intricacies, making it a timeless anthem in the EDM genre.

15. Dance with Me (feat. Thomas Rhett & Young Thug) – Diplo, Thomas Rhett, Young Thug

Artist: Diplo, Thomas Rhett, Young Thug
Track Name: Dance with Me (feat. Thomas Rhett & Young Thug)
Release Year: 2020

“Dance with Me” by Diplo, featuring Thomas Rhett and Young Thug, blends country and pop with a touch of hip-hop. The song, released in 2020, features smooth melodies, catchy hooks, and an irresistible groove. Diplo’s production brings out a fresh sound, combining upbeat rhythms with emotive lyrics that capture the essence of a carefree, joyful dance moment.

Notably, the collaboration between artists from different genres makes the track compelling. Thomas Rhett’s country flair complements Young Thug’s edgy rap style, creating a dynamic contrast. This blend shows how varied musical styles can come together, achieving a unique and harmonious fusion that resonates with a diverse audience.

16. ULTRAMAN – Diplo, Oliver Tree

Artist: Diplo, Oliver Tree
Track Name: ULTRAMAN – From The Netflix Film “Ultraman: Rising”
Release Year: 2024

The song Ultraman from the Netflix film Ultraman: Rising by Diplo and Oliver Tree, released in 2024, is a striking blend of electronic dance music and alternative rock. The track features pulsating synth beats layered with Oliver Tree’s distinct vocal stylings, creating a futuristic yet grungy atmosphere. Its energetic tempo and catchy chorus encapsulate the essence of heroism depicted in the film.

In terms of musical composition, the song showcases a diverse mix of instruments. The use of heavy electric guitars and robust drum patterns adds depth to the electronic framework. Notably, Diplo’s signature production techniques, including intricate soundscapes and crisp mixing, elevate the song’s dynamic quality.

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