songpier devices
HTML5 Logo

Based on HTML5
your songpier is ready for

almost every smartphone or tablet
like iPhone, iPad or Android

and it can also be viewed and promoted
via any HTML5 capable desktop browser

Supported Browsers, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
Url Handling

Url Handling

You get an URL for every song
and your artist name:




Automatically transcoding and streaming of your songs in the best format for all devices:

  • AAC+ for iOS (even streams with GPRS!)
  • Ogg/Vorbis for Android 2.3+, Firefox, Opera and more
  • Video-Enabled Version for Android 2.1
  • highquality lame encoded mp3 for all other devices

Supported input files: mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, vorbis, wav, aiff, wma9, alac, mov, avi, flv.
ID3 Tags are supported and used to pre-fill some songpier information!



Select your background image and create your individual App-Icon, choose between skins and preview your layout on different devices. Skins



Easy publishing of everything around
your music and band.

Lyrics and StoryLyrics and story of your songs.

Events, news, picture galleries and merchandise of your song and band. Tell your biography and discography. Updates and new content will be shown to your fans who revisit your songpier.

Sync, Share and Distribute

Sync, Share and Distribute

Connect directly to twitter and facebook and distribute your content (news, events...) to your twitter account or facebook fanpage - no need to copy and paste it everywehere.


QR Support - your graphical representation
of the links to your songs or Artistpier.


Mobile'ize Your Website
Get your QR-Code Widget for your Homepage and ask visitors on mobile devices in a neat way if they like to open your Web App instead of your Homepage (optional). Try it.

Latest Features and Updates

  • Upload your own App-Icon
  • Phone: New Swiping Picture Gallery
  • The Orchard Integration: first beta launched!
  • Extended Audioplayer with skip functions and playlist
  • Picture Gallery: lazy loading of all images to improve performance
  • IE9 Support
  • Android 3.0 / 3.1 Tablets supported
  • Performance improvement though script and style file combining and loading of combined images (sprites)
  • Increased compatibility of new Firefox (4/5) and Opera
  • Android 2.2 Player compatibility improved
  • More Sharing Options (direct usage of networks, email, better interface)