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"Oh Land" On Tour With Katy Perry... and Songpier!

Friday, October 21st 2011, 6:39pm

While I'm writing this, the awesome Nanna Øland Fabricius - better known as singer/songwriter "Oh Land" - currently is touring the UK and Ireland. And it's not just one of that tours. She's opening for Katy Perry. Dig that. But, it gets even better than that... she has some nice Songpiers out under, and Nanna Fabricius says: "This Songpier app is fun to play around with, and at the same time gives my fans immediate access to my music, videos and everything around it." This is when we, the Songpier team is dancing like crazy. YES. We created something that is appreciated right by the people we are doing it for. Each time you are sending us positive feedback, bottles are opened (fine German beer), volume's up - party. Well, sometimes we even work.