The Notorious J.B.O. On Songpier

The Notorious J.B.O. On Songpier

Wednesday, July 20th 2011, 3:15pm

We are proud to provide none less than legendary German Metal Cover act J.B.O. with Songpier tech. If you're from abroad, and happen to not know who they are - shame on you. It's pure fun metal, and their fans are easily as loyal as any Spinal Tap follower.

Some may associate the colour pink, some may remember a certain connection to a particular German big band. However, J.B.O. is nasty, fun & metal. It's Monty Python with axes. Pure cult.

Next months see them all guns blazing: 19 August they are releasing their brand new album, called "Killeralbum" (, coming along in all the issues a fan may long for, incl. a picture vinyl - showing Ingrid. And Ingrid somehow reminds me of a monster maiden introduced by a band I saw opening for Kiss ages ago.

Don't miss them touring Europe all through the rest of this year ( - and if you're into English lyrics, get their Best Of release "Happy Metal Thunder" on 7 October ( Goes along with any amount of beer perfectly.

J.B.O. on Songpier: