Songpier Widgets Are Go

Songpier Widgets Are Go

Monday, August 13th 2012, 1:00pm

How can it be Songpier Studio is on even more than all screens?

Built once, any Songpier is ready to use for mobile, Facebook and desktop browers - that's the mission we already accomplished. Time to get bored now? Not with Songpier. Songpier Studio comes with widgets to armour your fans and reviewers with!

It's all about widgets to share. Widgets are your digital flyers. Interactive ones. These Songpier Widgets are like sounding business cards. No print costs. Endlessly available on every fan site unless you cut the rope by deleting the widget.

That's the all new Songpier magic.

Just widgets? Nope. It's anything you'd like them to be. Want a widget for each of your songs? Go ahead with the Song Widget! You'd rather see sample widgets for your releases presenting some of the tracks? Ok, go and define yourself a Playlist Widget. You can even embed a code for a playlist of all your Songpiers on your site.

You may ask, well that's great... though I'd rather go for a more individual widget. Of course. And we know that: arrange the order of tracks, select the tracks to be included, define colour & size. Songpier enables you to do all that and more. For example, the most important add-on is your personal icon which can be different from song to song, and so is the widget.

Now it's up to you to tell your fans to embed your widgets on their sites, multiplying your online visibility.