Songpier Heading for Australia's Shores

Songpier Heading for Australia's Shores

Friday, December 2nd 2011, 10:18am

News is out that Australian marketing agency SGC Media is overseeing Songpier's distribution for their home market - and we're pretty happy about that! SGC Media MD Stephen Green shares our goals and is just the right one to handle that task. With a strong background in new media and online marketing for clients such as MGM Distribution, John Butler Trio and music conference BIGSOUND, SGC Media qualifies as being the best.

“The behemoth of mobile continues to roll onwards through the music industry. Until now, artists have had to choose between ignoring their fans on mobile or paying thousands for apps which will only work on one device and often force you to share your revenue for in-app purchases, so most are still sitting on the sidelines of mobile,” said SGC Media MD Stephen Green.

“When we saw Songpier, we immediately recognised that this was an amazing free solution for artists wanting to capture the growing trend of web users choosing to surf on their mobiles. It fits perfectly with SGC’s mandate of bringing down the barriers of entry for independent marketing for bands and with over 18.5 million smart phones expected to be in use in Australia by 2015, this is a trend that bands can’t afford to miss.”

Australia, here we come!