Open The Doors, Let The Games Begin... New Songpier Release Is OUT!!!

Open The Doors, Let The Games Begin... New Songpier Release Is OUT!!!

Wednesday, August 8th 2012, 6:33pm

Here we go. I’m going to take you on a brainstorming ride of a promotional tool that’s hot as melting vinyl and thak makes you violently happy as a crashing hard disc drive. That’s Songpier Studio. On your marks, matrix code starts – go!

Songpier Studio comes along with a blazing smooth backend, that wants you to work longer. But with Songpier Studio you don’t need to anymore. Hit the button, push to all channels. Synch with Twitter, Facebook, RSS, YouTube. Import & export your news, events and pictures like you longed for oh so many years. This means drafting your strategy.

Get a total overview over your tracks, actions, campaigns. If you are managing several artists, pick one from the dropdown to handle your tasks online. Find out about new tools like single song widgets, playlist widgets, and your artist widget. All shareable, all customizable. It’s your presentation, so make this app yours.

Present your fanbase with all the media you have. Songpier Studio’s all decent look allows for an awesome impact of your pictures and videos with deep and richest colors in all flavors. Let your fans drool access all your data, your biography & discography – even if they’re just seeing your widget.

Get the most out of streaming your music via Songpier – harvest your fans’ emails and offer sales links with every song. Set up your merch for sale.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is just the start for what’s coming over the next few weeks. Sit back, don’t forget to breathe. Oh, and please get yourself a hanky to dry your drool. Doesn’t make you look that good, really...