Newsletter Is Out, And Our Server's On Fire

Newsletter Is Out, And Our Server's On Fire

Thursday, August 9th 2012, 7:07pm

Get it while you can... ok, not really :) there's enough capacity on our servers for everyone of you. Though, hold on - the more I'm thinking... really, the all new backend is THAT stunning, we might get trampled underfoot.

What have you got to do? Log in to your usual account. Now, either you say: "Ok. That's all?!?" which might be a risk telling us. Don't you dare... But it would also explain to you why currently everybody looks at you funny.

Otherwise, have a party like we do after months of hardest work! Let's have a release orgy like you've never seen before. Marshmellows, popcorn, crisps for the weak ones, and bring your grannies to play Bingo! The wild at heart are free to dress up in leather, rubber & silk. Don't forget about chains & accessories.

More details coming up... check our Facebook & Twitter pages for some screen captures!