New Features & Updates!

New Features & Updates!

Wednesday, July 20th 2011, 7:37pm

Our current newsletter includes announcements of a large number of new features and updates. Didn't read it?!? You'd better do, I tell you... We've got news for you on browser compatibility, integration with The Orchard, support of Android 3.1, a new & extended audio player, customizing your app icon, and redirecting from your site to your app. Actually, the last topic is THAT great, we're having a separate blog entry for it. Here's the total round-up of what we added...

The Orchard
+ NEW // Beta launch of integration.

OS support
+ NEW // Android v3.1: Tablets supported... guess their not even released yet!
+ Update // Android v2.2: Player has been improved to support even more devices.

Browser Support
+ NEW // IE9 supported in phone & tablet versions.
+ NEW // Phone animations now compatible to Firefox 4+5.
+ NEW // Phone animations now also supported in Opera.

+ NEW // Extended audio player with skip functions & playlist - check this out!

+ NEW // More sharing options and improved interface.

+ NEW // Upload your own app icon to replace default Songpier icon on mobile screen.
+ NEW // Pictures within galleries can be watched by swiping (phone version).
+ Fix // Galleries can be deleted by one click.
+ Update // Faster loading times.

+ Fix // Lots of improvements to styles & scripts.
+ Update // Faster loading of full browser view.
+ Update // Much faster loading of phone/tablet versions. (hey you nerds... sprites anyone?)