Masters of the Social Media Universe

Masters of the Social Media Universe

Monday, August 27th 2012, 10:32am

Imagine you are in the studio, working on a track that will see the world in awe. You can't stop your creativity from flowing and your own music feels like legal dope. Yet, you are eager to tell the world about this. Now you are stuck between the flow to create and the need to tell. It's a trap. How to get out?

Fans know you're recording, but to them it's a black hole. During recording and pre-release they are more curious, more demanding than ever. It's a hunger that drives them mad, and any news, any rumor turns viral (look at Apple!).

But - there's that road block. You can't serve 25 social media outlets at once. Your music needs you. Social media services take bites from you and your precious time as nasty rats would do.

Say your mantra, take the red pill with extra Songpier Studio ingredients... and watch yourself bending like Neo, extinguishing the greedy demand of the cold rat agents of social media in no time.

Import and export cyber streams of news data. Or events. Or pictures. No matter if your struggling with Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds or YouTube. Outgun Neo, and become the Wachowski Siblings of your music. It's type in and publish once. Then you're done.

Go back to music.
Make fans go crazy.
Let news go viral.