Hiya! New Songpier Release Online: Analytics, Videos & More!

Hiya! New Songpier Release Online: Analytics, Videos & More!

Wednesday, November 9th 2011, 1:10pm

Ever wondered how many times your song has been streamed via Songpier? Maybe you also wanted to add all of your videos for streaming? You did NOT? Ok, stop it. Stop reading. This isn't of interest to you. On the other hand... it CERTAINLY should be if you're SERIOUS about your music. Six months after starting our Public Beta, we launched our first major update by the end of last week. The new Songpier release. Anything you are used to has been kept - but we added some pretty nice features.

The new Stats section has been integrated within the Artist section in the backend. You will find how many people opened your Pier ("Visits"), how often it has been opened ("Hits"), how often your songs are played, which devices were used to access, and which platforms. But I guess everyone should discover and drool about those graphics and animations themselves. (Btw, our designer appreciates any kind of adorable picture craziness sent to ... be warned: you might find yourself on our site. ;) )

Maybe you're more into videos? No probs with that, we are proud to hand you the key to video streaming via your app. You don't need to rebuild any app or plan for an extra Songpier. It's as easy as it can be: Go to "Media" in the backend, and find your usual picture upload options as well as options to include video. No upload of large files - it's just the YouTube or Vimeo link that's required.

"WTF? You mean, that's f****** all?" - Erm, yup. But maybe you want to do some sit-ups?

... and while you're in the gym working out your body instead of programming some strange matrix code, enjoy the videos flawlessly streamed via an embedded player within the app.

P.S.: We added more cool stuff - pay attention to Newsletter #3, hitting the wires this weekend.