Got Label? Have Multiple Artist Accounts!

Got Label? Have Multiple Artist Accounts!

Friday, November 11th 2011, 5:51pm

I just told you, and maybe you got it from the news... Songpier not only introduced analytics and video streaming for free last week. Nope. We're running entirely loco. Which means in case you call a label your own, then grab yourself a Songpier label account for free and there you are. You are able to generate and review single artist accounts for all of your roster's acts. Your benefit? Songpier gives you ultimate control over your content and revenue stream - no matter if you're an artist, a netlabel, indie label, management agency, or even a major.

Honestly, this can't be easier. And it's the perfect approach for launching new artists or featuring upcoming ones. It's the same as you did with a single artist. Only difference is, you register & confirm your label account first. I'll give you 1 min for that.

What you will see then, is exactly the same what I'm looking at in Songpier HQ's backend: your roster of artist accounts - whereas I am looking at an all Songpier artists' overview. Generate more artist accounts, and build Songpiers for different tracks within each of them. Handle social media, merch shops, events, news, videos etc. for each single artist - from one desk, or managed by your team from multiple desks. The browser is your interface.

Admittedly, this time some of the recently introduced features might not be free for all time. At least not to full extent. We are and always will be providing high quality services to our artists - so this should be reasonable. However, all the basic features will continue to be free, promised.

Oh yes - in case you already have set up artist accounts separately: Don't panic. Please contact us at if you want pierlane to merge all of them into one label account. No rebuild necessary.