Get Facebook Page, EPK, Mobile Apps In One Go

Get Facebook Page, EPK, Mobile Apps In One Go

Tuesday, January 31st 2012, 11:01am

To all of you who actually haven't read their newsletters: We have big news with an all new release of Songpier. From now on, you can create mobile apps for iOS and Android as usual, for phones and tablet computers alike - but here's what's topping it all. By creating your Songpier, at the same time you are building a full-fledged Facebook page as well as an EPK. Just connect your Songpier account with Facebook, and you are rolling out all Songpier information including streaming and links to a new Facebook page. And while opening your usual Songpier link on desktops and laptops used to display an iPhone mockup, it now shows the entire Songpier design, blown up to browser size. Which is quite impressive when presented as your shiny & glossy EPK. Please read on to learn how to do it.

1. Log into Facebook with the account you'd like to use for your Facebook page administration. Later on, you will be asked on which page to install Songpier. If you don't have any Facebook page, or if you want it to be installed on a new page, you can build one now. You'll find the link in the Facebook footer. For now, just fill in the basic information.

2. Search for "Songpier" in Facebook, and select "Songpier (Application)" ( Now, register with Songpier, or log into your account at Songpier.

3. Go to the "Social Connect" section (right tab section next to "Artist Profile" and "Songpiers"). Click the Facebook button to connect Facebook with Songpier. After connecting, go back to Songpier's "Social Connect", click Facebook icon again.

4. Choose your favourite settings. You can decide which wall your content is posted on (personal profile, or any page you manage), and most importantly, where the Songpier player and app is going to be installed.

5. Done! Say hello to your all new Facebook app. On the left hand side, Songpier is now listed as one of your apps.