... and now for something completely different!

... and now for something completely different!

Wednesday, December 1st 2010, 1:00am

Why Songpier?
It is our idea to put music back to where it belongs: to give a song its unique context by providing all the information that supports the musical value most. Here's it all in a nutshell - explained in our video presentation: http://youtu.be/LNI_T4kIP6M

Add to that the musician friendly and easy-to-use interface, plus...

... your very own artist app that's iOS and Android compatible out of the box, and you've got something really convincing.

Plus, Songpier will feature a freemium business model. Hence, the basic package will be free for use to any artist. Premium plans adding advanced features will be made available at an affordable price level.

You want to join us? Well, don't waste any time and join the Songpier community. Apply for your closed beta account now!