"A Genuine Freakshow" Premieres New Single Via Songpier @ Reading & Leeds Festivals

"A Genuine Freakshow" Premieres New Single Via Songpier @ Reading & Leeds Festivals

Sunday, August 21st 2011, 5:36pm

This weekend, A Genuine Freakshow will hit the stage at the Reading and Leeds Music Festivals and announce the availability of their new double A-side single "Our Bodies / New Houses" via Songpier's mobile app service. Making use of Songpier's unique ability to link online and real life campaigns, drop-cards mimicking an iPhone will be thrown to the crowd, bearing the QR-Code for their Songpier app on the back. With this campaign, A Genuine Freakshow have showed off their business savvy in discovering exciting new ways to spread their music.

"It is the ability to give fans at shows and festivals immediate access to the music that makes Songpier incredibly powerful," says Erik Nielsen (Wingnut Music), who manages the band. "Because there is also a depth of band information available in Songpier, and the ability to access it from just about any smartphone, it's a way for a new fan to discover a lot more right there and then, and walk away from a festival with more than just a vague memory of 'that new band they saw'."

Nielsen hints at more upcoming projects with Songpier: "To encourage fans to keep checking the app and find out about upcoming tour dates specifically, we will be uploading new exclusive music to Songpier leading up to A Genuine Freakshow's single release on 26th September."

A Genuine Freakshow are an artful blend of pop sensibility, icy soundscapes and blistering walls of noise. Their sound, while impressively focused, covers a range of musical staples, with the group letting influences from Mew to Sigur Ros and The National surface throughout. With a line-up that adds violin, cello and trumpet to the standard rock four-piece of guitar, bass, drums and vocals, their live shows are a master class in how to do epic without slipping into pompous.

"A seven-piece experimental post-everything pop bonanza, and as you'll hear, A Genuine Freakshow are even better than that. What an absolutely marvellous band." - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music