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Facebook Timeline

So everybody's busy customizing your fanpage to fit Facebook's all new timeline. Yes, no matter if you longed for it to come or if you waited in fear - now it's here. That's exactly what we prepared for. No hassle for you. If you happen to use Songpier for Facebook, your background picture should already fit in nicely with the additional space. Though if you didn't take the opportunity to get your fanpage, mobile apps and even your EPK built with Songpier, now's the time. Actually in case you already have a Songpier app you just have to connect it to Facebook to get it there. Here's how:

Get Facebook Page, EPK, Mobile Apps In One Go

To all of you who actually haven't read their newsletters: We have big news with an all new release of Songpier. From now on, you can create mobile apps for iOS and Android as usual, for phones and tablet computers alike - but here's what's topping it all. By creating your Songpier, at the same time you are building a full-fledged Facebook page as well as an EPK. Just connect your Songpier account with Facebook, and you are rolling out all Songpier information including streaming and links to a new Facebook page. And while opening your usual Songpier link on desktops and laptops used to display an iPhone mockup, it now shows the entire Songpier design, blown up to browser size. Which is quite impressive when presented as your shiny & glossy EPK.

Songpier Heading for Australia's Shores

News is out that Australian marketing agency SGC Media is overseeing Songpier's distribution for their home market - and we're pretty happy about that! SGC Media MD Stephen Green shares our goals and is just the right one to handle that task. With a strong background in new media and online marketing for clients such as MGM Distribution, John Butler Trio and music conference BIGSOUND, SGC Media qualifies as being the best. Read on.

Got Label? Have Multiple Artist Accounts!

I just told you, and maybe you got it from the news... Songpier not only introduced analytics and video streaming for free last week. Nope. We're running entirely loco. Which means in case you call a label your own, then grab yourself a Songpier label account for free and there you are. You are able to generate and review single artist accounts for all of your roster's acts. Your benefit? Songpier gives you ultimate control over your content and revenue stream - no matter if you're an artist, a netlabel, indie label, management agency, or even a major. Read on.

Hiya! New Songpier Release Online:
Analytics, Videos & More!

Ever wondered how many times your song has been streamed via Songpier? Maybe you also wanted to add all of your videos for streaming? You did NOT? Ok, stop it. Stop reading. This isn't of interest to you. On the other hand... it CERTAINLY should be if you're SERIOUS about your music. Six months after starting our Public Beta, we launched our first major update by the end of last week. The new Songpier release. Anything you are used to has been kept - but we added some pretty nice features. Read on.