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Stop, Look and Listen by The Hedrons
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White Nights by Oh Land
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Home (White E.P.) by The Dear Hunter

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"Oh Land" On Tour With Katy Perry... and Songpier!

While I'm writing this, the awesome Nanna Øland Fabricius - better known as singer/songwriter "Oh Land" - currently is touring the UK and Ireland. And it's not just one of that tours. She's opening for Katy Perry. Dig that. But, it gets even better than that... she has some nice Songpiers out under https://songpier.com/ohland, and Nanna Fabricius says: "This Songpier app is fun to play around with, and at the same time gives my fans immediate access to my music, videos and everything around it." This is when we, the Songpier team is dancing like crazy. YES. We created something that is appreciated right by the people we are doing it for. Each time you are sending us positive feedback, bottles are opened (fine German beer), volume's up - party. Well, sometimes we even work. Read on.

The Orchard Launches Marketplace, Establishing One Integrated Platform For Tools Like Songpier

Shortly, The Orchard will start their worldwide road show, demoing the full capabilities of its all new Marketplace which is going to be launched at SanFran MusicTech on September 12th. Read on.

Songpier Apps To Promote Marillion's
Double Bill Tour with Saga

High profile rock band Marillion have been joining forces with pierlane, adding another valued customer to the constantly increasing roster of app service Songpier. Always cutting-edge, Marillion are about to reward their huge and loyal fanbase of 100.000 Facebook friends with a very special extra - an exclusive campaign to be available via Songpier apps only. The release of the upcoming apps marks the celebration and launch of the band's double bill German tour with Saga which kicks off this November. Read on.

"A Genuine Freakshow" Premieres New Single Via Songpier @ Reading & Leeds Festivals

This weekend, A Genuine Freakshow will hit the stage at the Reading and Leeds Music Festivals and announce the availability of their new double A-side single "Our Bodies / New Houses" via Songpier's mobile app service. Making use of Songpier's unique ability to link online and real life campaigns, drop-cards mimicking an iPhone will be thrown to the crowd, bearing the QR-Code for their Songpier app on the back. With this campaign, A Genuine Freakshow have showed off their business savvy in discovering exciting new ways to spread their music. Read on.

Triple Platinum Awarded Artist Anand Bhatt
Teams Up With Songpier

Indian-American star Anand Bhatt has teamed up with Songpier to give away a free fan application for mobile devices. Following the success of the songs "Kitna Pyar" and "World Keeps Turning" in clubs worldwide, and being named on the Desh Videsh list of the most successful Indian-American celebrities, Anand Bhatt has released the "Kitna Pyar" Songpier application for everyone's smartphones and tablets. Read on.