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Video: How to start with Songpier

We just started a series of How-to videos on YouTube - head on over to check them out. Straight forward and condensed you will get to know everything you need on the most relevant topics.

Songpier Guide #1: Artist Profile & Track Upload

Let’s start into our Freshman’s Guide! This is the first part in a row of postings to help you get the best out of your Songpier. Excited? So are we! Got everything’s prepared for your first day? For your first few steps into the realm of Songpier, it will do to have a file of one of your tracks ready – almost any format, limited to 20 MB in size.

Hello to all you fresh tunes lovers!

Here’s to you a great selection of what Songpier has to offer – for fans and listeners. It’s worth to look out for our featured artist of whom we will introduce one to you every day. Starting this afternoon.

Missing an app shop? How about this…

We at Songpier are about to provide listeners with a service they rarely get. Curated content. Be prepared to find yourself featured via our Social Media channels. Each day another featured artist.Songpier presents your app on Facebook and Twitter. Songpier Facebook and Twitter channels will be central places for your fans to check out new music – and most of all for like-minded listeners the way to get to know about you.